The glitzy world of Dancing On Ice is set to welcome a familiar face from Emmerdale, as former co-star Roxy Shahidi prepares to trade the fictional village of Emmerdale for the dazzling rink of the popular ice-skating competition. As Roxy embarks on this exhilarating new journey, fellow Emmerdale alum Matthew Wolfenden, who triumphed on the show in 2012, offers his candid advice and insights to help guide her through the challenges and thrills of Dancing On Ice. This article delves into Matthew’s honest advice for Roxy, shedding light on the wisdom he has gleaned from his own experience on the ice.

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Embrace the Journey

Matthew Wolfenden emphasizes the importance of embracing the journey and cherishing every moment on the ice. He encourages Roxy to savor the experience, from the exhilarating highs to the inevitable lows, and to remain present and focused throughout the competition. Matthew’s own journey on Dancing On Ice was marked by dedication, perseverance, and a genuine love for the sport, qualities he believes will serve Roxy well as she takes to the ice.

Stay Determined and Resilient

As Roxy prepares to showcase her skating skills on a national stage, Matthew underscores the significance of determination and resilience. He reminds her that the journey will be filled with challenges and setbacks, but it is her resilience and determination that will ultimately define her experience on Dancing On Ice. Drawing from his own experience, Matthew encourages Roxy to remain steadfast in her pursuit of excellence and to embrace each challenge as an opportunity for growth and learning.

Seek Support and Guidance

Navigating the intricacies of ice-skating requires a supportive network and expert guidance, a lesson Matthew Wolfenden learned firsthand during his time on Dancing On Ice. He advises Roxy to surround herself with a dedicated team of professionals, including coaches, choreographers, and fellow competitors, who will provide invaluable support and guidance throughout her journey. Matthew emphasizes the importance of leaning on others for support and leveraging their expertise to enhance her performance on the ice.

Stay True to Yourself

Amidst the glitz and glamour of Dancing On Ice, Matthew Wolfenden encourages Roxy Shahidi to stay true to herself and embrace her unique personality and style. He believes that authenticity resonates with audiences and fosters a genuine connection with viewers, qualities that will undoubtedly enhance Roxy’s performance on the show. Matthew’s own authenticity and passion for skating endeared him to audiences, and he encourages Roxy to embrace her individuality and let her personality shine through on the ice.

Enjoy the Experience

Above all, Matthew Wolfenden encourages Roxy Shahidi to enjoy the experience and relish the opportunity to showcase her skating skills on a national stage. He reminds her that Dancing On Ice is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to push boundaries, challenge herself, and create lasting memories. Matthew encourages Roxy to embrace the joy and excitement of the competition, savoring each performance and cherishing the camaraderie and friendships forged along the way.

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As Roxy Shahidi prepares to make her Dancing On Ice debut, fellow Emmerdale alum Matthew Wolfenden offers his candid advice and insights to help guide her through the exhilarating journey ahead. Drawing from his own experience on the ice, Matthew emphasizes the importance of embracing the journey, staying determined and resilient, seeking support and guidance, staying true to oneself, and, above all, enjoying the experience.

Roxy’s Dancing On Ice journey promises to be filled with excitement, challenges, and unforgettable moments, and with Matthew’s honest advice and unwavering support, she is poised to dazzle audiences with her skating skills and leave an indelible mark on the popular ice-skating competition. As fans eagerly await Roxy’s debut on the ice, the camaraderie and support between former Emmerdale co-stars Matthew Wolfenden and Roxy Shahidi serve as a testament to the enduring friendships forged on and off the screen.


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