Emmerdale spoilers for tonight’s episode (Monday, January 1) have teased a terrible tragedy in store for the teens. But will their new year adventure end in heartbreak, or a miraculous escape?

Plus there’s family drama in several homes around the village. But will the new year bring happiness or upset?

Read on to find out more in Emmerdale spoilers

With their parents all occupied at the B&B, the teens of Emmerdale are hatching a plan. Cathy, Heath and Angelica are desperate to celebrate at a party in Hotten – but they can’t get there.

So they decide to take matters into their own hands – they steal Wendy’s car and head off into the night.

Meanwhile, at the party, Nicola wants the kids to come and help serve drinks so she sends Jimmy off to track them down.

In the car, Angelica and Heath are flirting, and they’re egging Cathy on to drive faster and faster.

But back in the village, Jimmy’s not found the kids and he’s starting to worry. Bob’s alarmed when he notices Wendy’s car is missing and with a bit of help from April, they put two and two together and realises what’s going on.

Bob jumps into his own car, and he heads off to Hotten to look for his wayward offspring. Nicola isn’t impressed to be distracted from her schmoozing of the councillors but when she finds out where the teens have gone, she’s frantic.

Outside the village, Heath’s getting more impatient at his sister’s driving. And even a near miss with another car doesn’t stop her putting her foot down…

Is 2024 about to start with terrible tragedy?

Aaron and Chas are building bridges (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale spoilers: Chas and Aaron make amends?

Aaron’s never all sunshine and light, but he’s been especially gloomy since he returned to the village and he’s been making mum Chas’s life a misery.

But as New Year dawns in the village, it seems like things are taking a turn for the better with Aaron.

Chas is thrilled to have her son in the Woolpack with her where he belongs for the celebrations.

But is this a new beginning?

Aaron’s at the Woolie with his mum for New Year’s Eve (Credit: ITV)

Building bridges?

Amit’s determined to reconcile with Jai, his new-found son, but despite encouragement from Caleb, things don’t go to plan.

In fact, Amit’s attempts to build bridges aren’t appreciated by Jai.

Amit’s plan to reconcile with Jai doesn’t go to plan (Credit: ITV)

Someone’s missing

With Lydia still away from the village, Sam’s feeling really sad as the new year dawns.

Luckily, one good thing about being a Dingle is there’s always a family member on hand with a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on – and this time it’s Mandy. She consoles her cousin. Aww!

Sam’s missing Lydia (Credit: ITV)

Rhona’s feelings

With Gus absent and Marlon and Rhona looking after Ivy, things are getting a little complicated chez Goskirk/Dingle.

Rhona confirms Marlon’s fears when she admits she’s become attached to the baby girl – who is, after all, her own flesh and blood.

She pleads with Marlon to make things work within their own family. But will Marlon support his wife?

Rhona tells Marlon what he feared (Credit: ITV)

Totally new information!

With her engagement to Tom still fresh and new, Belle’s eager to announce the news. So she’s surprised when she gets to the pub and Mandy congratulates her.

She’s unimpressed when she realises her new fiancé has already jumped the gun and has announced their engagement online.


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