In Emmerdale spoilers for tonight (Thursday 28 December) Belle’s got a plan to pop the question to her boyfriend Tom.

But with previous attempts at proposals on both sides having gone very wrong, will this one go to plan? And what will Tom say if Belle finally gets to ask that very important question!

Read on for the lowdown on Belle’s big plan in Emmerdale spoilers.

Belle takes Tom onto an ice rink on Emmerdale

Emmerdale spoilers: Belle’s making plans – with some help from Leyla!

After the disappointment of the ice rink Tom was going to treat the villagers to being cancelled, Belle’s determined to make her boyfriend’s dreams come true.

In more ways than one!

Because Belle’s also on a mission to pop the question to her unsuspecting other half, and she’s roped in Leyla to help.

Belle’s got something to ask! (Credit: ITV)

Will Tom say yes?

With Tom delivered safely – if a bit unsteadily – on to the ice by Leyla, Belle puts her plan into action. She gets down on one knee and asks Tom to marry her.

But what will his answer be?

Belle gets down on one knee to propose to Tom on Emmerdale
Belle pops the question! (Credit: ITV)

Magic moments!

Luckily for Belle, Tom’s more than thrilled with the whole thing and quickly says yes!

Does he really understand what he’s letting himself in for? Becoming the newest member of the Dingle family is never easy – and there’s that whole welly thing to contend with, too!

But that aside, Belle and her new fiancé are delighted.

And that’s not all!

Torvill, Dean and Leyla look on as Belle proposes to Tom
Tom’s delighted by the proposal and the celebrity guests! (Credit: ITV)


With Tom having confessed to being a huge Torvill and Dean fan back in the day, Belle’s pulled out all the stops to make it a magical moment.

And that includes bringing Tom’s hero and heroine on to the ice!

Tom’s beside himself when Torvill and Dean skate over.

It’s the perfect proposal!

But will the marriage be so happy?

Belle and Tom King on the ice rink in emmerdale
Torvill and Dean give Tom his magical moment! (Credit: ITV)

Merry grumpmess!

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the village, things aren’t going quite so smoothly. Bear finds himself disappointed and Aaron is irritated – what else is new?!


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