Home Emmerdale Emmerdale actress Michelle Hardwick responds to Vanessa Woodfield’s unexpected return

Emmerdale actress Michelle Hardwick responds to Vanessa Woodfield’s unexpected return

Emmerdale actress Michelle Hardwick responds to Vanessa Woodfield's unexpected return
Emmerdale actress Michelle Hardwick responds to Vanessa Woodfield's unexpected return

Vanessa will have to make a difficult choice next week.

Emmerdale Emmerdale star Michelle Hardwick reprised her role in the role of Vanessa Woodfield in Friday’s episode (February 9)

The cliffhanger of the night was a surprise. Vanessa arrive in a remote cabin to see her close acquaintance Rhona Goskirk. She has been evicted from her village along with her the baby Ivy.

Vanessa quit the village to take an opportunity in Canada at the end of November in 2022 and the short-term departure storyline incorporated for the purpose of explaining Michelle’s actual maternity vacation. Michelle is currently acting as a regular on the show.

This week, Michelle chats about Vanessa’s appearance and the major storyline that is to follow Rhona.

What does it feel like it to film Emmerdale once more?

“It absolutely amazing. It’s a good thing I’m going to work and take an hour of rest right now! (Laughs. ) I might be able to take a sip of tea, or go into the bathroom by myself and not hear: “Mummy, Mummy!’

“I’m really enjoying this – I feel as if I’ve never gone away even after 14 months. I was concerned about being unable to master the language, but the line has been reintroduced the past, which is great.”

Could you please provide us with a clue as to exactly where Vanessa was?

“Vanessa is a frequent visitor to Canada and brought her son Johnny along. She took care of the various animals as well as taking an abbatical of just under an entire year. She was out in Canada enjoying herself to the fullest and is now back.”

What was it that brought Vanessa to her place?

“Out in the middle of nowhere, Vanessa received a phone message from Rhona she said she was in need of help and wanted her. Vanessa did not ask concerns because she was convinced she didn’t have opportunity to do so. She put together a bag to take with her, a small bag for Johnny she jumped onto an airplane and went to meet Rhona.”

What do Vanessa consider Rhona going off to meet Ivy?

“Vanessa arrived at the house at which Rhona stays and found Ivy at the cottage. Vanessa knew of Ivy as she’s clearly talked to Rhona during her absence however she didn’t have any clue that Rhona was actually away with her baby and had essentially taken the child.

“It’s an enormous shock for Vanessa. The first thing she’s thinking is”What on earth do you think you’re doing? She’s feeling a sense of blind panic that’s coursing through her. It’s like ‘I’m right now, I’m a co-conspirator to this! Do I have a chance to get also convicted? What happens to Johnny?

“There’s everything going through her head. But she’s also determined to help her friend. She attempts to talk with Rhona and tells her that they must go back. Vanessa says Rhona will not be in troubles, however Rhona isn’t interested in hearing all of this. Vanessa has been trying her best to make the right decision.”

Does any part of Vanessa know what Rhona comes from?

“Absolutely and without a a doubt, and it also breaks Vanessa’s heart. Vanessa is a mom and she is able to understand however she’s also declaring: “You’ve been blessed with April in your home, and you’ve been blessed with Leo and they’re dependent on the same amount of love as Ivy is. Therefore, you need to think about the larger perspective’.

“But Vanessa absolutely understands that it would be just tearing Rhona away and her fear of losing the infant is 10 times.”

The crisis will get worse the following week. What happens next week? Rhona take the blame for Vanessa after the police show on her?

“Yes Vanessa will definitely. Vanessa will decide to reveal to people who Rhona is, and that’s an extremely heartbreaking, painful decision.

“There’s very little signal available within this remote house which Rhona discovered, however Vanessa is finally able to contact the village. It’s Mary who she is able to connect with. Mary informs Marlon to call her, and Marlon shows up on the property.

“Marlon is also telling Gus that he’s been a thief, but he doesn’t know the fact that Gus has told police. The police show up massive and the situation is incredibly painful since Vanessa realizes she’s cheated her best friend, yet in her heart she believes that she’s done the right thing.

“Rhona cannot continue to running with the baby for all of her life since that’s not a good idea for the child or her. If it had taken, the more disastrous it could have turned out. In the end, Rhona is going to blame everything for it being due to Vanessa for her usual behavior!”ITV

What will this happen result in Vanessa to be able to rejoin the village as she should?

“Yes, Vanessa is going to return to the village together with Johnny. She’ll have all the problems with Tracy to handle since Tracy as well as Nate have very bad relationships..

“Vanessa says: “I’ve gone away for more than one year, but I’m going to be home in the near future’. It seems like she’s cut the length of her speech than she would do if she believed Rhona is in need of her, Tracy is in need of her, and it’s the place she’s now supposed to be.

“Vanessa returns to Canada to tie everything up there. She gets all her possessions, and comes to Canada for the last time.”

What is Vanessa think of Tracy’s divorce?

“Vanessa does not know about Tracy’s relationship with Caleb initially She’s only conscious there’s a problem. Tracy and Nate had a breakup. Tracy says she’s not in love with Nate any more and that their union was not working. Vanessa tells her: “It’s just been seven months!’

“Vanessa says to Tracy that she’ll support her through this. She suggests Tracy and Nate remain friends, perhaps they’ll regain their spark.

“Deep down,” Vanessa is convinced that they will get right back on track until the truth is revealed regarding the incident. Vanessa is adamant about affairs due to what she’s experienced before, but in the end, this is her sister’s affair. Vanessa is loyal to her sister, of course, she will because she cherishes the bones she has.”

What’s more to come for Vanessa?

“When Vanessa left, we concluded the day on a positive note with Vanessa and Suzy. Although they were not together but they shared a small kiss, and it was beautiful.

“But Vanessa is completely unaware of the possibility of a connection that could exist between Mary as well as Suzy. Mary is the one Vanessa considers the mother figure! Yet Vanessa ignores this. Vanessa may take steps to try and bring her romance back on track with Suzy however, whether Suzy would like to or not will be up to us to watch and.”ITV

Have you kept watching the show when you were on vacation?

“I was able to get between the two. Naturally, it’s bath and bedtime at night for my kids, while the TV is playing However, I’ve.

“I cried my eyes out at Tony Audenshaw’s performance as Bob after Heath died. I was thinking Tony, Susan Cookson (Wendy), Lesley Dunlop (Brenda), Gabrielle Dowling (Cathy) as well as the rest of the youngsters played a blinder. It was truly wonderful.

“I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s not exactly what you’d expect to call it ‘enjoyed’ however, they were strong episodes that pulled on your heart strings. I met Tony on the other day, and said that he had made me cry tears!”

How was it having a reunion together with the co-stars?

“Oh, lovely! I don’t mean to be rude I’ve met all my friends who are close to me – they’ve visited and visited the children. I’ve kept in contact with some of them. However, just seeing them walking around, and inside the hall and the green room was simply wonderful. There was the entire crew also and the makeup space – it was an enjoyable way to welcome them back.

“People told me that you’ve been absent’, which is wonderful. I felt extremely welcomed. I’m truly enjoying returning having a full-time job and motherhood just like a lot of moms are. I’m really happy to be back.”

Emmerdale is shown on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1 and streamed online on ITVX.


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