Immy King has been a resident of Emmerdale since 2004, when the King arrived in the powerful King family. Nearly 20 years ago, Jimmy was the only remaining King from the Dales.

Wed to Nicola and Nicola, they have three children together. Their daughter Angelica admitted that she was driving the car in the fatal crash that killed Heath Hope.

As Jimmy is eager to hide her involvement in the incident a secret, He’s been thinking about the murder he committed in his history—the man responsible for the death of four or more people during his time in Emmerdale. Whose death has Jimmy contributed to?

We have all we are aware of regarding Jimmy King.

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The King family was once a force to be reckoned with (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Jimmy King in Emmerdale: What are his relatives?

Jimmy King is the son of Tom and Mary King. Tom was a part of Emmerdale from 2004 to 2006, and Mary wasn’t seen in Emmerdale onscreen.

Jimmy was the most senior among Tom and Mary’s four sons. The brothers he had included Matthew, Carl, and Max. Also, they had a half-sister named Scarlett Nicholls, the daughter of Tom and Carrie Nicholls.

The parents of both Jimmy’s grandparents have died, while his siblings have also all passed away.

Jimmy and his brother Carl, who died in 2012 (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Mary died before when she was buried before the King family moved into Emmerdale. Max was the one brother to see his maker following a vehicle accident in 2005. Father Tom passed away the following year, in 2006. He was kicked from a window by Carl, who was a suspect in the murder, though Jimmy was also one of the suspects as well.

Matthew passed away two years later, in 2008, when he crashed his car against the wall during the day of his wedding. Carl was the last King brother who died in 2012 following being struck in the head by an unintentional brick by Cameron Murray. Scarlett remains active and lives in Canada.

Jimmy had a relationship with Kelly (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Who is Jimmy married to, and how many children does Jimmy have?

In 1990, Jimmy was married to Sadie Campbell before his time at Emmerdale.

In the end, Sadie and Jimmy separated, and he went on to Kelly Windsor. They were engaged, but their romance was sporadic, and she left the town in 2007.

Jimmy began to develop an affair in a relationship with Nicola De Souza. The couple eventually fell pregnant and gave birth to an infant girl who was given the name Angelica.

But after the child’s arrival, Angelica got taken away by Carl’s spouse, Lexi, to the roof of the hospital. Lexi later offered Angel back to her parents.

Editorial use only Mandatory Credit: Photo by ITV/Shutterstock (1085535qa) Nicola De Souza [Nicola Wheeler] and Jimmy King [Nick Miles] with New Baby. ‘Emmerdale’ TV Soap Drama – 2009

Angelica was born in 2010 (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

In 2011, Kelly returned to the village and revealed that Jimmy had a son named Elliot. Kelly quickly left Elliot with Jimmy and Nicola and has been waiting to hear from them.

Jimmy is also the father of Carl, Juliette Holliday’s natural child.

Elliot and Angelica are Jimmy’s two oldest children (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

In 2014, Jimmy and Nicola were shocked when a girl called Juliette was seen. The woman was expecting a baby with Jimmy – However, Jimmy had not been involved in an affair!

Juliette and her husband Greg had been undergoing IVF treatment for a long time, and Juliette was finally pregnant. However, due to a mishap in the sperm bank, she received Jimmy’s Sperm.

Editorial use only Mandatory Credit: Photo by Shutterstock (4587288dd) Nicola King [NICOLA WHEELER] and Jimmy King [NICK MILES] go and see Rakesh to ask for legal advice over baby Carl but he informs them they probably have no rights over him. However, Nicola remains determined there must be a way. Later, Juliette [AMELIA CURTIS] arrives at Mill to give Jimmy the chance to say goodbye to Carl and Nicola is saddened to see Jimmy so besotted and annoyed she has only given them half an hour. Will Nicola do something drastic to try and keep Carl in their lives and at what cost? ‘Emmerdale’ TV Programme. – Oct 2014 Episode 7015

Juliette is Carl’s biological mother (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Juliette showed up at the village to force him to sign the paperwork that would have him forfeit the rights to his stillborn child.

Then Juliette was in labor at Jimmy and Nicola’s house and delivered a baby boy thanks to Nicola.

She chose to give her son the name Carl without realizing that it was also the name given to one of Jimmy’s brothers who died.

Carl has been raised by Jimmy and Nicola (Credit: ITV)

Juliette initially permitted Jimmy to meet his son. However, after her husband Greg decided to give it another chance and become a parent, she resigned.

Jimmy reached out to Juliette the following year to ask about Carl, but she quickly revealed that Greg had left her, and she struggled to care for Carl alone.

She took Carl and Nicola Jimmy and Nicola, and they’ve raised Carl from the beginning. When she was 2021, Juliette returned home to see her family, hoping to meet her child. Then she was back in the village.

Dawn was Jimmy’s first victim (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Who is the one Jimmy King killed in Emmerdale?

Jimmy is the one accountable for the deaths of four people within Emmerdale. Three of them occurred while Jimmy was in the process of launching his development, the King’s River Development. Jimmy was angry at his former wife Sadie, who was secretly engaged to his brother Matthew.

Matthew and Sadie had a plan to destroy Jimmy. They wanted to take down Jimmy, so they paid Cain to kill the show’s King’s River residence, causing destruction.

Jimmy was determined to bring the show on time, regardless of the issues, so he repaired the damage and planned to repair it following the show’s opening.

On the day of the launch on July 6, 2006, Jimmy’s job was returned to haunt his house after it was destroyed.

Three people were killed in the explosion. Three people were killed, including Dawn Woods, Bob Hope’s daughter, and were taken out of the debris in front of her shocked father. Other victims of similar fates were Noreen Bell, who was a retired who was close friend who was friend of Val Lambert, and a minor person named David Brown, who was the estate agent of the properties.

Jimmy suffered a severe injury; however, he was able to recover. He is always blamed for the tragic death of Dawn.

No one blames Jimmy for Paul’s death (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Jimmy killed Paul Ashdale.

Paul Ashdale was Vinny’s father and Mandy’s fiancé. He was a gambler who was a sexy Vinny. However, Mandy didn’t know about it. She was going to get married to the man.

Their wedding day was a disaster. Liv Flaherty had learned about Paul’s behavior and went after him. She confronted Paul in the barn in which they and Mandy were set to get married, and he yelled at her with a vengeance.

Jimmy was driving his pickup when the sun’s glare caught his eye. He rolled his lorry into the barn’s wall.

Liv managed managed to pull herself out of the barn and attempted to rescue Paul, who was stuck under a collapsed beam. However, she was unsuccessful and left the barn after it had exploded.

Paul passed away from the injuries he sustained, and Liv was unable to bear the shame and turned to drinking to deal with the stress.

Jimmy was arrested and charged with murder due to reckless driving. It’s the same crime as one being facing his daughter, Angelica, now. Jimmy was planning to plead guilty and atone for the deaths he created in 2006, but Mandy got him out of the plea.

The night before (Monday, January 23), Nicola reminded Jimmy of the guilt he felt after the murder of Paul when Jimmy advised Angel to confess to the police. Nicola informed her, “You nearly had a breakdown.”

In reality, the situation almost ruined Nicola and Jimmy’s marriage as Jimmy noticed himself becoming towards Mandy. They kissed and kissed. However, Jimmy later returned to Nicola.


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