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“Home And Away spoilers: Theo is a victim of bad behavior along with Valerie

patisserie valerie
patisserie valerie

Valerie is a magnet to Theo’s heart since the first time they came across each other. The newcomer is the epitome of everything Theo wants to be for himself: He is a free spirit confident, independent and adventurous.

But, what do they actually know about her?

“Before the Bay, Valerie had spent 8 months in a mental health clinic after a car accident resulted in her brother’s death,” Courtney explained to TV WEEK.

If she meets Leah in the clinic she’s on the path of suffering and self-pity. Valerie decides to spend time with the new person she met is the right option. As she travels towards Summer Bay.”

In the spirit of Valerie’s honesty, Theo admits he’s having difficulties of his own. Theo has apathy towards music, and has been struggling with the TAFE program he is enrolled in.

Valerie provides the opportunity to “help” him relax and agrees to accompany Theo to an event at Salt. Theo stares in shock when Valerie offers him an empty tablet. Theo swallows the tablet after waiting for a second.

Theo and Valerie take a trip on the party drug the night before with Valerie at Salt.

They share a passionate kiss and he’s feeling amazing. But, his former girlfriend Kirby (Angelina Thomson) is aware of his unusual behaviour and warns her.

“There’s definitely an element of intrigue and mystery from [Kirby and others] especially when things start to get a little friendly with her and Theo,” Courtney declares.

However, Theo awakes the following morning with a different outlook on the world. He asks Valerie to purchase him something else since he is looking for more.

Is he likely to commit an grave mistake?


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