On Thursday’s (January 25) Emmerdale episode, Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter) had a shock revelation after he observed Caleb Milligan (William Ash) with a passionate embrace, but no, not Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh).

Nate was confiding in Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper) regarding his concerns inquiring about why Tracy had been acting oddly.

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After that, he took action to fix the issue, digging through her phones and uncovering deleted texts from Caleb. Nate did not believe him even though Belle tried to soothe him by saying Tracy could have done this to make storage space on her phone.

This is so embarrassing!

This evening Nate came to the conclusion that the possibility of catching. Caleb and maybe Tracy in the act was the best way to determine. The truth or to get his doubts dispelled

Tracy said to Nate she was departing for a business trip and will not return until evening. She then packed her bag and went the road to Mill Cottage.

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Nate was ready to speak to his aunt and mother over their apparent treachery. Evening fell and Tracy was contemplating staying in the company of Caleb instead of boarding her train.

Being aware about Caleb and Tracy’s relationship, Nate was trailed by Moira (Natalie J. Robb) as well as Nicky (Lewis Cope) when he made his way to the house.

Nate noticed Caleb sitting on the sofa before he ran through the room.

He shouted for rid of the woman whom he was looking at. However when he realized it was Ruby instead of Tracy He was taken off by.

Ruby played in the show by Beth Cordingly, is Nicky’s mom and wife of Caleb. Ruby is known to “put the hammer in the Dingles,” according to other people who describe her as “an absolutely explosive.”

But, what exactly is Ruby’s appearance in the Dales represent to Tracy as well as Caleb?


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