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Home and Away spoilers: Leah knife horror, Alf threatened and Mackenzie collapses again

Home and Away spoilers: Leah knife horror, Alf threatened and Mackenzie collapses again
Home and Away spoilers: Leah knife horror, Alf threatened and Mackenzie collapses again

Fans of Home and Away should anticipate a lot of drama as the show takes a dark turn the following week.

Leah is halfway through packing a luggage when Justin gets home. When Leah is by herself with Theo, she informs him that Justin is collaborating with Vita Nova.

She proposes they call the cops when Theo tries to step in. Rose informs Theo that Leah has to visit a doctor at the station. He tells Justin and then runs to his partner’s side.

However, the paranoia is excessive. Leah flees, thinking Rose has also been converted by the cult. She goes back to the Diner and locks herself inside.

Justin bursts in, desperate to help, only to discover Leah brandishing a knife. Theo begs his aunt to put down the knife as he enters the heated confrontation.

Before Theo phones Bree, who is able to get Leah to put down the knife, Leah grows more upset. Leah is back at home and has no memory of the evening.

The following day, Bree discloses to Justin and Theo that Leah has a psychotic episode. Going to Leah, Justin says there’s nothing to be forgiven.

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When Leah realizes she could have wounded him badly, she realizes she needs help and announces she will be staying at a mental health center. Leah bids Justin farewell with sadness as she is escorted to the clinic, cutting off all communication with her family.

A few days later, Kirby promises to divert Justin’s attention from his worries when he senses Leah’s absence. The item that Kirby and Theo were intending to give Justin as a surprise at the wedding is discovered by Justin.

With obvious emotion, Justin requests to keep the music playing. He reaches for the words that night as he lies in bed restless, and the following morning he asks Kirby whether they should collaborate to finish the song.

At the surf club across the bay, Roo finds it difficult to take John’s place. She recommends to Alf that they celebrate John’s accomplishments with The Summer Bay Surf Club Bible as a way to get him back to know him.

Roo executes her plan by presenting him with the Club Bible, which he has written over the course of his many years of service. Roo informs him that without him, the majority of them would not have earned their Bronze Medallion.

However, this simply prompts John to devise a fresh business idea: his own Surf Safety school to assist prospective lifeguards in meeting the requirements. Alf claims that running a course that is the same as the one being taught at the Club is a waste of time when he discovers John pasting up a flyer for his new Surf Safety School.

John is not shy about expressing he wants his job back, especially after Alf promises to attempt to regain his teaching credentials. Alf sees Henderson later to argue John’s case, but Henderson is not tolerant.

Alf calls the shots when they can’t come to an understanding, dismissing the group and installing John Palmer back in charge right away. Henderson answers right away, warning Alf that his actions would have repercussions.

In another scene, Mackenzie persuades Xander to see her chart, and he says everything looks good. Mac tells Levi the following morning that she is leaving the hospital.

The following day, Xander comes back, not realizing it’s to pick her up, and he’s shocked to learn she’s self-medicating against her doctor’s orders. Shocked, Levi maintains that it’s dangerous for her to return home at this point in her recuperation.

Levi is furious with Xander for giving her the notion. However, he clarifies that nothing can stop Mac from returning home if she is adamant about doing so. Mac is even more nervous at home since she fears that if something goes wrong, she will be even farther away from medical assistance.

Her worst nightmares come true the following morning when she has chest trouble. When Tane answers the door and she realizes she’s having another heart attack, she tells him to call an ambulance.


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