Mackenzie, the famous model of Home and Away, may not make it if she passes through her chest this week.

Tane arrives and shuts off communications with his wife; however, Mackenzie and Felicity remain tense. As their fight turns into a full Salt anger, Felicity announces that meals will be free.

Felicity is resentful at being forced to comply with Mackenzie’s request that she not work and takes money directly from the cash register to pay for the hotel room. While Mackenzie goes to her home, Felicity comes to her house. She apologizes and requests Mack to hand Tane her wedding ring to express hope for their future together.

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Tane turns down the offer and regrets it to Mac for keeping her back in the spotlight each time. Tane decides to block Felicity entirely, following numerous texts from her, while Mali makes breakfast for the homemakers.

Tane tosses the ring into the garbage following Mackenzie’s attempts to retrieve the ring, despite Mackenzie’s suggestion that he may need to let it rest for a while. As she returns to the training facility, Tane disengages Harper and her scheduled PT workout.

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Tane declares to the entire gymnasium that his relationship is over, even when Mali offers to speak to Tane about what’s bothering him. Mali is determined to assist Tane to come through the breakup.

Even though Mali isn’t convinced, Tane believes that an extravagant night out is the ideal method to get the woman out of his ways. When she gets home the next day, Tane introduces Mali to an intimate night of love.

Felicity comes to Mac’s home at the end of the night and asks to meet with him after Tane shuts down all communications. Mac does not waver and assures her he’ll convey her message.

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If Cash confronts Mac later that day, Mac admits Tane was not even home when Felicity visited Tane, as he was asleep with a different person. Cash talks about the issue with Eden privately and debates the issue with Eden before telling Felicity what’s happening. Felicity has, however, been watching through the wall.

The hostility increases, and she rushes straight to Salt to face Mackenzie. Mack then collapses on the ground and clutches her chest with pain. Felicity shakes with fear. However, Xander and Cash immediately call to help.

Then, she realizes the need for help and starts crying. Leah admits she’s searched for sleep aids as she returns to the factory whenever she closes her eyes.

Leah is asleep all night as she falls asleep in Justin’s arms. They choose a Valentine’s Day date and get back to work on their wedding plans in the day.


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