BBC Breakfast host Sally Nugent was in a state of panic when co-host Jon Kay suffered an awkward error of speech while talking about weather anchor Carol Kirkwood

BBC Breakfast was chaotic the morning of Monday (January 22) when presenter Jon Kay made an accidental comment regarding Co-star Carol Kirkwood.

Kay 54 presented the BBC Morning news program as cohost Sally Nugent. The show was re-appearing on our screens, we saw that Storm Isha kept dominating the front pages. 

The hurricane has done a lot of damages to homes as well as delays in travel across the nation. An alert for yellow winds was issued to the entire UK because of the bad conditions and powerful wind gusts.

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The program then shifted to reporters in Blackpool as well as Glasgow to examine the destruction that has been caused to their homes as well as the inconveniences to travel in the United Kingdom as it is still being ravaged by the storm. While standing at the Glasgow’s Central station, a reporter reported on a flight of Tenerife heading to Glasgow that ended up at Koln which is located in Germany.

When the two concluded the segment before moving on to different news items, Jon reassured viewers that the program would provide crucial updates throughout the show. A misinterpretation of the words he spoke of meant Jon implied that weather anchor Carol Kirkwood would have been doing it in a sexually explicit way.

“If you’ve got bad weather where you live or you’re impacting, do let us know,” Jon stated. “Carol will have the very leather–” He admitted before recognizing his error.

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“Latest weather, not leather!” Jon continued as host Sally Nugent exuded laughter. While Jon turned his arms to Sally throughout the news Sally Nugent scolded Kay: “That’ll get us all into trouble, Jon!”

In the program the host Carol provided her crucial forecast for the weather to predict the following band of winds and rain. When she was done with the forecast she said at her co-hosts she was shocked to discover that Jon was lying to the audience.

When Jon said “How’s the leather forecast too?” Carol laid her hand onto her hips, and then hit the back of Jon: “Yes, I heard you had said I was going to present the weather in leather this morning.”

Kay backtracked and stated this was not what that he used, however Sally said that she was sure it could draw in more viewers. “There are lots of men agreeing with him, I think!” Sally laughed she said, leaving Carol in a state of shock at the notion.

Jon was quick to respond and then piled on the idea, stating: “Ratings would go through the roof!” While the hosts prepared themselves to prepare for the following segment of their program and joked about “The news is, there’s not a lot of leather around, but there is a lot of weather.”

BBC Breakfast airs every each day at 6am, in the morning on BBC One and the BBC iPlayer.


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