The Christmas holiday during the Christmas season in Emmerdale Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) as well as Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock)’s family added another member when Mary (Louise Jameson) delivered the baby Ivy along with her dad Gus (Alan McKenna) to live together.

Ivy shares Rhona’s DNA asshe originated from an embryo Rhona and Gus have frozen before they got married a few several years back. Her birth mother passed away soon after her birth and Gus had to deal with the loss of his baby and grieving over his wife.

Mary was at Gus to find out how Gus and Ivy were getting on and found Ivy very ill from her the nappy rash, and Gus struggling to cope, so she was forced to take them back home.

There was a fear the possibility that Rhona could become too dependent on the baby which has occurred. Gus went missing and went to leave Ivy in the care of her family and every person in the family has been bonded to Ivy.

Then, when Gus made a call to Rhona in the middle of the night Her first instinct was to keep him from going back in search of Ivy She didn’t reveal to Marlon that he had called.

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In the upcoming episodes, Rhona is aware that she needs to reveal the discussion with Gus as well as Mary advises Rhona to be prepared for Gus’s return as well as for Ivy taking them away to live with her dad.

Rhona isn’t happy with the outcome and decides to meet with Ethan (Emile John) to discuss gaining the legal custody rights of Ivy. In the past, she was informed that, despite the fact that she and Ivy have a genetic connection but she doesn’t have a legal rights to the baby.

Could she decide to make use of Gus disappearance to prove that he’s not a good father? How will she respond in the event that Gus shows up at home?

Zoe Henry told us that Rhona is ready to go to “fairly extreme” measures to protect Ivy.

“If you’re threatening with someone saying “Well, it’s not your baby is it?” even though you’ve taken care of for two months, as biologically, it’s yours it’s part of your DNA, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever see the same thing ever again.

“I’m thinking I’d be very drastic at this moment, know?’ she added.

It’s the primal thing it’s her child.’

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