Home and Away spoilers are available to UK people.

“Home and Away is a re-telling of a bleak chapter in Bree Cameron’s history in the coming weeks when she visits Remi Carter’s parents the first time.

Bree will be the first to talk openly about her husband’s abuse Jacob as Remi’s mother and father attempt to get to know her better.

The next episodes of Channel 5 see Remi plan to spend time with both his parents Graham and Nicola to celebrate their anniversary of marriage. Remi invites Bree to join in as well, acknowledging that this is his first time invited the person he considers to be special to his mother and dad.

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The wealthy couple Graham and Nicola are delighted to welcome Bree into their beautiful home, and then give Bree a guided tour.

Bree enjoys the lavish environment – with an exclusive chef as well as a string band who were hired to celebrate the occasion.

Even though things are going very well, the mood quickly turns uneasy as Nicola wants to know the details about the way Bree as well as Remi first got to know each other.

Bree begins to talk about how she was going through a tough time due to her husband Jacob who, since then, has passed away. Remi quickly ends the discussion by seeking to shift the topic However, Bree feels hurt and wonders the reason he would want to conceal the truth from his parents.

The year before, Bree was kidnapped by Jacob following her attempt to get out of their violent union. Bree was a lover of Remi and was enthralled by her, however Jacob did not want to release her.

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Bree’s experience was a nightmare that saw Jacob forcibly bringing her in an uninhabited location. As Bree realized later Jacob had plans to kill her, she first struck by kicking him with an axe, which caused his death instantly.

The night before, Bree and Remi face an awkward discussion about what to say about their complex background.

Remi states that he’s not embarrassed of Bree and assures them that they’ll be able to find the appropriate opportunity to share with his parents all the details.

In the next day, Bree gets her chance at breakfast to explain that she was the one who killed Jacob as she fought to save her life. What will Graham and Nicola be affected?

Home and Away broadcasts these episodes on January 29, Monday and on Tuesday, January 30 in Channel 5.

Home and Away broadcasts on every weekday beginning at 1.45pm at 1.45pm on Channel 5, with repeat screenings starting at 6pm on 5STAR. First look screenings starting at 6.30pm on 5STAR.

In Australia The show airs on Mondays through Thursdays from 7 pm at 7pm on Channel 7 and streams on 7Plus.


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