EastEnders may have teased a major twist, that would see Keanu Taylor murdered and buried in the ruins of Kathy Beale’s café, in scenes weeks before it all happened.

Keanu, Sharon Watts and Bernadette Taylor all featured in a now chilling scene back in November, weeks before Keanu would be buried in the burnt out building. It was in the fallout to the fire that ripped through the iconic café, as characters fought for their lives.

As Sharon watched on thoughtfully at the remains of the building, Bernadette was seen crying as the blaze had cost her her job. But Keanu couldn’t help mock the situation, sharing puns about the burned café leaving Sharon and Bernie horrified.

As they both scolded Keanu, he claimed he was joking before trying to put things right. In the scenes, he kept staring at the building that he had no idea would be his burial site in just a matter of weeks.

Equally Sharon kept looking towards it, unaware of the chaos that would unfold in there and in The Queen Vic on Christmas Day. The couple talked of the future outside the very place he’d end up, having been murdered moments earlier.

In the scene, Keanu placed his hands on Sharon’s face before kissing her, while just a few weeks later he would use those same hands to attempt to hurt if not kill her, leading to his own demise. Their talks of the future outside the very building Sharon would later bury his body is a little eerie.

That’s not all though as Bernie stood directly outside the café in the scenes in November, sobbing as if she was grieving while surrounded by police caution tape. The area was a crime scene, and Keanu was shown comforting his sister as they both looked towards the building.

Again, Bernie had no idea at this point that she could possibly soon be grieving outside this very venue once again if her brother’s dead body is discovered. So do the scenes foreshadow the grief ahead? This Christmas, fans finally learned the events of Christmas Day and who died, as well as who the killer was.


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