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Anna Knight devastated as Gina releases a bombshell that “changes everything In powerful EastEnders scenes

changes everything In powerful EastEnders scenes
changes everything In powerful EastEnders scenes

The sisters Anna as well as Gina Knight ( Molly Rainford and Francesca Henry) have always been friends, however an unexpected revelation by Gina has completely changed the way things work to Anna who is in EastEnders.

Gina and Anna were shocked as they watched an exchange between father George Knight ( Colin Salmon) and their grandfather Eddie (Christopher Fairbank), where George engaged Eddie about his trial for a racially driven murder.

When George was recalling the discriminatory remarks his father’s family members had exposed him to this, the whole thing became to bear for Anna when she ran into the barrel store in a state of anger.

Gina did not waste time looking over her and making sure that she was fine she was fine, and Anna said that she could not beleive the scathing remarks that were being said. She argued that she was of the opinion that Eddie was just being old-fashioned..

As Gina said that statements they made were discriminatory, Anna revealed what was the issue that was really bothering her.

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“Did they murder this man simply because he’s black?

Anna was later to admit that because George was never one to react at Eddie’s comment and she was unaware that the racist nature of his remarks.

Gina said it’s logical to Anna to look at things in this in this way since Anna was scared to recognize her father’s racism as what it was.

As Anna requested that Gina discuss the matter further, Gina revealed that Eddie was treating Anna differently due to the manner in which she styled her hair as well as her manner of dressing and acting.

If you pass, Anna,’ she told me, ‘you might have been white.’

Anna is quick to point that she’s the same color as Gina However, the older sister of her revealed she was treated differently because due to their looks. Gina talking about how people behaved toward her, as well as the words they had to say.

In the end, Anna claimed that she was aware of the meaning of racism, Gina asked her why she didn’t call it out the moment she saw it.

Anna confessed that she felt Gina was strong and able to manage herself. However, Gina said she only did the way she was because she needed to be, and not just because she wanted to be.

Anna was devastated by Gina’s admission (Picture: BBC)

Gina replied to Anna’s claim that she was also bullied, pointing that bullying ended for her once she began coloring her hair blonde, and straightening it.

Anna was crying as she explained to Gina that she had not done the act out of a desire, but just liked how she looked. She then asked Gina why she didn’t mention it earlier, if she’d always felt like this.

Gina stated that being Anna’s elder sister, she was responsible to guard her. Anna claimed that it was not love but a matter of judgment’.

She claimed that Gina for putting her in a completely different class in comparison to George as well as George and George, claiming that she wanted to make it appear that Anna was not a part of the group.

When Anna thought about how she’d always believed Gina stood by her side, Gina assured her that it didn’t mean anything changed between them. Anna did not agree.

“For you maybe but not for me.’ She told her.

Can Anna Gina and Gina ever be able to go back to the ways they were in their relationship?


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