who killed heath in emmerdale spoilers

Both parties have a very emotional discussion.

Bob Hope finally apologized to Cathy for the death of her brother Heath in Emmerdale.

Heath’s father blames Cathy even though Cathy always claimed she was not driving. Angelica King confessed that she had been driving the car before Jimmy asked her to stay quiet.

Jimmy couldn’t hold back his guilt in the episode of Tuesday (January 23) after he saw Bob break down right in front of him.

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Angel struggled with guilt, confessing to her mother, Nicola, that she felt “sick all the time” because she wanted to get this matter over and done with.

“It is because you are a good human being [that you have this feeling],” Nicola said to her daughter. What happened was terrible, but it’s too late to change anything. “It will become easier over time.”

Jimmy and Nicola did not realize that their daughter had been listening to them as they talked candidly about Bob’s tragic grief. Angel could no longer take the lies and ran to Bob’s B&B.

“Cathy told the truth, and I lied.” Angelica admitted, “I don’t wish to continue lying.” It wasn’t Cathy who drove; it was I.

Cathy, April, and Brenda entered the room to discover a shocked Bob and Brenda. They were stunned to hear that Angel had lied to them for several weeks. Cathy rushed to leave before Bob had a chance to apologize.

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Bob called the police when Angel demanded that she confess her crime. Later, he visited his daughter Cathy and apologized for doubting her.

Bob, a distressed Bob, confessed: “Oh Cathy! I’m feeling awful!”

Cathy asked her dad, in tears, if she and her husband could now “stop fighting” since the truth had been revealed. Angel was arrested at the station on suspicion of dangerous driving causing death.

Angel, what punishment will he now receive?

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