who killed heath in emmerdale spoilers

Emmerdale fans believe that Angelica is not the only one to blame Heath’s death. They also think his sister Cathy was equally responsible for stealing a vehicle.

Emmerdale’s fans are eager to know what will happen to Cathy Hope after Angelica King’s shocking murder confession.

During the visit to Emmerdale, Angelica’s parents, Jimmy Nicola, tried to solve the biggest problem their daughter had ever faced. Angelica, as her parents tried to understand the situation, ran to Bob Hope’s house to admit that she had been driving the car at the time Heath died. 

Heath died tragically in a car accident on New Year’s Day while he was driving to a party along with Angelica and Cathy’s best friend. The car crashed into a ditch as neither of the three was old enough to drive. Many believed that Cathy had caused the accident.

Fans are still eager to see Cathy’s comeuppance, reminding products that she had stolen the car. Fans vented their frustrations on X, formerly Twitter.

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One user on social media said: “But still, she stole the car and let Angelica drive it.” One user wrote: “Angelica would not have been driving if Cathy hadn’t stolen the car in the first place, so she shouldn’t be taking the entire blame.”

Thirdly, a third person wrote: “Now about Cathy stealing the car, driving it without a license/insurance, etc., and her actions contributing directly to Heath’s demise? Or has all of that been forgotten?

A fourth said: “Angelica drove and will face the consequences.” On the other hand, Evil Cathy stole the car, putting others in danger. She should also face the consequences of her actions.

Cathy and her mother, Nicola, went to the police station together later in the episode. Angelica was arrested after she changed her statement and admitted to driving the vehicle.

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The viewers were happy that Angelica confessed to the crime. They praised her honesty. One fan wrote to X: “I’m assuming after tonight’s episode that Angelica is not like her parents. Thank god. “I’m glad to see that she tells the truth!”


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