Surprise visitor.

If no one else understands the struggles you’re experiencing Who do you turn to? For Leah she has a new acquaintance from the clinic for mental health. That will be on the scene this week to offer important advice and even an undiscovered little-known secret.

The film The movie Home And Away, Leah (Ada Nicodemou) struggles to find her way back to the right track after returning after her rehabilitation.

Leah has had a difficult time after returning to her back home. (Image: Supplied)

In lieu of living with her husband Justin (James Stewart) and her family, she’s now staying in a home with Marilyn (Emily Symons) as well as Alf (Ray Meagher) because she is worried that having a relationship with Justin could cause a psychotic attack like the one that witnessed her drawing the knife at Justin. The separation may sabotage the relationship even more.

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“Leah is concerned, because she doesn’t know how she even got to that breaking point, so it’s a case of small steps.

As Justin attempts to be at peace with his girlfriend but he is concerned that she’s sliding away, and he takes advantage of every chance to get an “chance” encounter. While he’s at it Leah’s niece Theo (Matt Evans) trapped between them, unintentionally turns into a confidant for both. Courtney Clarke is appearing as an extra in the show

 “Home and Away”. (Image: Supplied)

While struggling Leah walks to calm her nerves. Her new companion Valerie (Courtney Clarke) She’s a woman she’s become intimate with while at the same clinic.

Valerie has a goal to assist, after hearing about Leah’s struggles. And being aware that she’s in need of someone who can understand her fragile mental state.

“She was Leah’s roommate and best friend in the clinic. So she really relies on her for support in a way others can’t,” Ada clarifies.

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Valerie gets Leah to try and invite Justin to dinner. Leah’s invitation provides Justin an enormous amount of hope. in the evening, he waits anxiously for the Diner. Will Leah appear?

“Valerie dresses in a very strong way and certainly isn’t of the Summer Bay mentality,” she says. “I was quite intrigued by her and thought she would be a great challenge to play.”


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