What’s next in Summer Bay?

Home and Away spoilers follow for UK viewers.

As Home and Away returns to our UK screens, Leah fears the worst as the doctors battle to save Justin’s life.

Elsewhere, Irene faces tough questions following her arrest, and Felicity lies to Tane about wanting to start a family.

Here’s a full collection of 12 massive moments.

1. Leah makes her escape

justin morgan and leah patterson in danger in home and awayChannel 5

Justin is in a critical condition as he and Leah remain trapped in the abandoned factory. With her fiancé’s life fading, Leah drags herself to the top of the building and makes a call down to Justin, promising she’ll be back for him.

Once outside, Leah discovers she’s in the middle of nowhere, and in her confused state she begins to hallucinate.

A vision of Justin gives her the determination to keep going, but can she find help before it’s too late?

2. Justin’s life hangs in the balance

justin morgan and leah patterson in danger in home and away

Finally, Leah spots a vehicle down a deserted road and is able to flag down the driver.

However, by the time the paramedics arrive at the factory, Justin is already unresponsive.

He’s rushed to hospital, where Bree tells a distressed Leah she needs to prepare for the worst.

3. Leah prays for a miracle

justin morgan and leah patterson in home and awayChannel 5

As Justin suddenly deteriorates, he’s whisked into the operating theatre to undergo life-saving surgery.

Thankfully he makes it through, but the doctors reveal Justin has suffered huge blood loss which increases the chance of organ failure.

All Leah and Theo can do is hold vigil by Justin’s bedside, hoping and praying he’ll wake up.

4. Irene’s in a state of shock

irene roberts in home and awayChannel 5

Irene is reeling following her arrest and rails at Rose for doing it in the middle of the Diner.

While John searches for Cash to sort the situation out, Harper also finds herself under arrest.

Irene has to undergo questioning, but fights her corner, telling Rose she had a very good reason to break the law.

5. Irene spends the night in a cell

irene roberts in home and awayChannel 5

Outside in the waiting room, John blames Harper and Dana for the whole sorry mess. However, when Dana faces Irene she’s met with nothing but compassion and understanding.

Rose is the bearer of further bad news when she tells Harper and Irene the magistrate can’t see them until morning, meaning they’ll have to stay the night in a cell.

6. Cash breaks the law

john palmer and cash newman in home and awayChannel 5

Having been forced to sleep the night at the cop shop, Irene catches up with Cash.

Sadly he’s unable to help due to his suspension, and the injustice of Irene’s situation makes him question whether he wants to be a police officer anymore.

Later, as Irene and Harper are released on bail for the next day, curiosity gets the better of Cash and he sneaks a glance at the Vita Nova file.

7. Remi lashes out at Eden

remi carter and eden fowler in home and awayChannel 5

Remi has gone AWOL following Kirby’s announcement that she wants to reunite Lyrik. But there may be no band to get back to when Kirby’s record label refuse to release her from her solo contract.

When Remi finally shows up, Eden suggests holding a surprise band meeting.

Remi’s furious reaction leaves Eden concerned for her friend’s wellbeing, and she admits to Bree that she has never seen him this down.

8. Kirby hatches a risky plan

theo poulos serenades kirby aramoana in home and awayChannel 5

Kirby and Theo turn up ready for band practice, but Remi is nowhere to be seen.

While they wait for him to show, Kirby continues to brainstorm ways to get out of her contract.

She decides to post on her socials that she’s back with Lyrik, hoping the fans will get on board and Forrest will be forced to take notice. But will her plan backfire?

9. Felicity deceives Tane

embargo 26062023 felicity newman and tane parata in home and awayChannel 5

Broody Tane is excited to start trying for a baby, but Felicity warns him it could be ages before anything happens. Cash is surprised to hear about the couple’s plans and questions what’s changed Felicity’s mind about having children.

It turns out Felicity isn’t being totally honest when she retrieves her contraceptive pill from its hiding place and secretly takes one.

But her guilty conscience pricks when Tane confesses being a father means everything to him.

10. Rose issues Mali with an ultimatum

rose delaney and mali hudson in home and awayChannel 5

Mali’s ‘promised wife’ Zara is still hanging around Summer Bay, much to the annoyance of Rose.

Later, Zara crashes Mali and Rose’s date night, but swears she’s not out to cause trouble.

Xander tries to warn Zara off by pointing out Rose and Mali deserve their own space. But when Zara continues to meddle, Rose gives Mali an ultimatum that it’s either her or Zara.

11. Mali makes his mind up

mali hudson in home and awayChannel 5

With both Rose and Zara refusing to back down, Mali knows he has got to make a decision – and fast.

Ultimately his heart lies with Rose, and he tells Zara the truth, which prompts her to be open about her reasons for pursuing him.

Having finally reached a level of understanding, Mali allows Zara to stay at his place and asks Rose if he can move with her.

12. Roo and Marilyn call a truce

roo stewart and marilyn chambers in home and awayEndemol Shine//Channel 5

After hearing Alf is on his way back to the Bay, Roo tells Marilyn that she needs to make out it was her decision to move out.

Marilyn is incredulous, as is Irene, who vents at Roo for lying to her dad to mask her own nasty behaviour.

Somehow Irene’s words finally get through and Roo admits she wrongly made Marilyn her punch bag after the explosion. Marilyn also apologises for her past actions.

At last the two friends are reunited and Roo invites Marilyn to move back in.

Home and Away returns in January 2024 on Channel 5 in the UK. Selected classic episodes are available via Prime Video in the UK.


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