This week in Home and Away, the tension will escalate with more details about Levi’s doctor comes to light. Levi comes to light.

Mackenzie has been receiving help from Levi during her recovery after her latest heart operation. Levi stays up late to check how she’s feeling and watches game shows with her.

Remi is able to spot Levi on the way to the hospital, and rushes over to inform Eden that Levi is there. Eden admits that her brother, who hadn’t been in touch with them in several years, has left the family members after he defended their father in spite of him being involved in an affair.

Cash is adamant for Eden to see her brother who is in hospital. Eden decides to follow her brother’s advice. In their awkward stroll through their Bay, Eden expresses her thoughts to the children. Yet, Eden bolts away from her father when he mentions him.

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Eden goes to the hospital following a conversation with Cash that she as well as Levi will always be in conflict. When later, Eden notices that the two are enjoying a pint in Salt and becomes angry, she screams.

Felicity wants to know Harper to confirm if she’s the girls that he’s had a sleep with as she goes to her house. Tane angry and claims that she’s not able to continue making the inquiry. Harper is, however, deciding to end all contact with Tane after receiving a harsh warning about Felicity by Roo, Irene, and Marilyn.

Tane However, Tane argues that he’s in dire require of a friend right now. Justin is shocked by Leah suddenly announces that she is planning to postpone the wedding in the bay.

If Felicity declares that she’s been exiled, Cash is faced with additional issues. As the children race to back home, Felicity learns that Tane’s wish to completely remove herself from his world could be the cause behind this.

Cash confirms the fact that Tane gave notice via phone to the agent. 

Felicity is able to conclude that she is determined to remain and hopes to meet Tane in the future. Felicity takes Tane following his workout along with Harper and hands him the box with valuables that the man left behind at the house.

Felicity However, she becomes angry when she sees his talking to Harper his memories. Tane has to intervene in order to keep Harper and Felicity separated when Harper is adamant about Felicity’s pleas to stop her husband from coming near.

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Felicity wants to know Harper whether she’s among the girls that he’s slept with while walking through her house. 

Tane angry says she’s not able to continue making the inquiry. Harper decides to cut off contact with Tane following a stern warning regarding Felicity by Roo, Irene, and Marilyn.

Tane However, Tane argues that he’s in the search of a partner in this moment. Justin is shocked by Leah abruptly announces she’s planning to delay the wedding in the bay.

But Leah cannot convince him that the situation is not permanent after he demands the same. 

She is agitated whenever her sleeplessness increases and she forgets of Justin promising to repair the car she was in after the crash.However, Leah can’t ensure him that the problem will only last a few days after he demands the same. 

Leah screams out as her sleeping problems get worse, and she is unable to remember of Justin promising to repair the second car following the accident.


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