The couple could be going to part for good.

Home and Away spoilers follow for UK watchers.

Home and Away’s Tane Parata promises never to excuse his significant other Felicity Newman on UK screens one week from now.

Tane is left sorrowful and enraged when he figures out that Felicity has been deceiving him about pursuing for a child.

The Mid year Sound couple as of late consented to begin a family together, yet when Felicity understood that she wasn’t prepared, she decided to keep taking her preventative pills covertly.

Felicity’s untruths before long became confounded when her colleague Mackenzie Corner acknowledged what she was doing and put squeeze on her to come clean with Tane.

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In the following week’s episodes on Channel 5, Tane faculties that Felicity and Macintosh are concealing something when he spots them acting oddly around one another. Tane goes to Macintosh for data, however she won’t reach out.

Afterward, Felicity starts further doubt by encouraging Tane not to converse with Macintosh from this point forward.

Tane is confounded by his significant other’s way of behaving, so he by and by looks for a clarification from Macintosh. This time, Macintosh alludes to reality by distinctly saying that Felicity is the person who should be candid with him.

Back at home, Tane understands that Felicity is concealing something in her sack. He requests that she void detecting the prophylactic pills and is stunned.

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Hurt that Felicity would deceive him as opposed to talking things through, Tane stomps out.

Felicity’s sibling Money gets back with perfect timing to become involved with the battle. He attempts to prevent his brother by marriage from leaving, yet Tane is furious and punches him.

When Tane has left, Felicity tells Money everything. She trusts that Money will assist with battling her corner with Tane, yet becomes stressed when he battles to feel for her problem. For probably the first time, Felicity’s sibling isn’t her ally.

Tane removes everybody from the exercise center so he can brood alone. Macintosh sorts out why and approaches Tane, who promises that he will not at any point get back to Felicity following her disloyalty.


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