Home and Away spoilers follow for UK viewers.

Home and Away will air a change for Marilyn Chambers and Roo Stewart in upcoming scenes for UK audiences.

The long-time friends have been feuding since Roo was discharged from hospital. She was notably caught in an explosion caused by dodgy skincare company Stunning Organics, which she blames Marilyn for.

In scenes which are set to air in the new year, Roo realises that Alf is returning to the Bay. She tells Marilyn to come home, anxious that her dad still doesn’t know her friend moved out.

Marilyn is shocked when Roo demands she falsely convince Alf that she chose to move out. She ultimately stands up for herself and claims that it’s unfair that she continue to lie about the nature of their rocky friendship.

Later, Marilyn supports Irene following her recent arrest. Returning the favour, Irene tells Roo that she disapproves of her behaviour towards Marilyn – especially after Justin and Leah were recently left for dead.

In an unexpected turn of events, Irene’s words have a significant effect on Roo – forcing her to admit that she needed someone to lash out at after her injury.

She then confesses that Marilyn was an obvious choice of punching bag, after she showed no interest in visiting Roo while she was in hospital.

marilyn chambers in home and away
Channel 5

Marilyn also apologises and admits to feeling guilty after the explosion. The friends seem to have resolved their differences, with Roo even asking Marilyn to move back in. Is this the start of a new chapter for the pair?

Roo actress Georgie Parker recently revealed how pleased she’s been with her character’s storylines this year. “I’m very happy with what the writers have managed to give Roo,” she told Australia’s TV Week.

“She’s lived a big life, and I’ve been able to interact with different characters this year, which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed.”


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