Plus, Tracy has to make a decision.

It’s a difficult week for Charity (Emma Atkins) on Emmerdale when she has a heart-to-heart with Oscar and reveals the disturbing details of his granddad – will he be accepting of the news?

And there’s huge danger in store for another Dingle, as Aaron (Danny Miller) gets caught up in an ambitious car theft scheme with Mack which goes awry…

Plus, two unexpected villagers share a charged moment, Tracy’s forced to make a decision and Suni’s sacked.

Read on for all your essential spoilers from Emmerdale, between Monday 8th – Friday 12th January 2024.

1. Oscar makes a discovery

Emmerdale's Charity, Oscar, Sophie, Gail and Ryan argue in a living room

Oscar arrives at Emmerdale and tells Gail, Ryan and Charity that his mum knew about his visit to the village. While he’s sheepish about going home, Sophie bursts in and is furious. Gail and Charity are thrown when Ryan snaps back and unleashes his hurt. Charity takes Oscar away to give them space to discuss everything. While Gail apologises to Sophie, she’s firm that it’s up to Oscar to decide.

Later on, Charity thinks about how much to reveal to Oscar, but Mack reassures her to keep things simple. After some probing from Oscar about Ryan’s father, she admits her age and Oscar works out the implications of it. Oscar handles the situation maturely and reassures Charity he’s glad Ryan isn’t around. Sophie and Oscar later come round to each other and she agrees to let him see Gail and Ryan again.

2. Tracy has to decide

Emmerdale's Tracy and Moira have a tense discussion
Tracy and Moira.

Tracy takes the opportunity to pitch her nursery idea to Gabby, who is keen to consider it. Proud of her new opportunity to rid herself of Caleb, she relishes in telling him – but he remains smug.

The next day, Caleb asks to sit in on the meeting as an investor, and it puts off Gabby completely. Tracy is livid and asks Moira for her opinion and she suggests giving Caleb the money back to see if he would actually take it.

Tracy is keen for Nate not to find out the truth about her affair – and Moira warns she’s playing a dangerous game. Tracy goes ahead with transferring the money back to Caleb, but when he rejects it, how will Tracy react? Is it really over between them?

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3. Mack pushes Aaron to dangerous levels

Emmerdale's Aaron Dingle starts to open the garage doors
Aaron Dingle.

Mack encourages Aaron to take a more active role in their car stealing scheme and the next day, Aaron is intrigued by a business partner of Kim’s having car trouble, and his ears prick up, only to find Cain driving it away to the garage.

Aaron hatches a plan involving Mack, who feigns tractor problems with Moira, who has to call Cain for help. Cain heads out of the garage, unaware that Aaron was stood to the side waiting to break in. When he gets in, the car is in a state, so he tells Mack he needs more time to get the car fixed up enough to haul it out.

However, Cain quickly solves the tractor issue and makes his way back to the garage. Mack tries to warn Aaron that Cain’s on his way back, but his phone dies before the text can send.

Aaron jumps in the car, ready to go, but when the vehicle doesn’t start, he heads under the bonnet, unaware he’s about to be caught…

4. Chas and Liam kiss

Lucy Pargeter as Chas Dingle in Emmerdale.
Lucy Pargeter as Chas Dingle in Emmerdale. ITV

In a twist no one saw coming, Chas and Liam find themselves bonding over their loneliness. And when they realise they’re both just looking for someone to love, they share a kiss. Is this the start of a new relationship in the village?

5. Harry’s death ruling

Emmerdale's Charity and Mack talk to DS Jones pensively
Charity and Mack.

It’s good news for Mack and Charity, who discover Harry’s death has been ruled as an accident. But under the surface, Charity is struggling, especially during this difficult week for her.

6. Suni gets the sack

Emmerdale's Jai sacks Suni from The Hyde
Suni and Jai.

Suni thinks there might be a bit of hope for his relationship with Jai, as they try to work past their differences. But the good feeling doesn’t last long, as Jai fires Suni from The Hide. Will these two ever see eye-to-eye?

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