Suspicion grows…

Caleb Miligan has admitted he regrets his assistance to Nate Robinson following his employee’s separation from Tracy Robinson in Emmerdale Cast.

This week Caleb suggested that he accept Nate after he spotted Nate on the streets and shattered about Tracy cutting off their union..

The situation has remained tense because Tracy was able to break up with Nate due to an affair Caleb -And now, Caleb’s ex- wife Ruby has returned to the mix also.

On Tuesday’s (February 6, 2006)) show, Caleb cringed as Ruby gave Nate hope that he could be able to save her marital relationship.

“Me along with the silver Fox split apart and reconnected several times over Will Smith or Jada (Pinkett SmithThere are couples who have similar characteristics,” she assured Nate.

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Caleb requested his wife take her leave and let Nate to himself, but he began looking uncomfortable by the minute. As time passed, the tension grew because Cain arrived to discuss issues with Nate. Cain then confided to Caleb as well as Ruby that “it does not make sense” to Tracy to split from Nate.

“What does not make sense is why he’s not there, asking for information about what the name of the guy is.” Ruby pointed out.

Tracy was more worried about the reason Caleb took in Nate which led him to state that he really had no option but is now completely uneasy.

Her next message was to Caleb straight up: “You are not the reason why I’ve split from my partner. Now, get out!”

When he was able to leave, Nate turned up to collect his belongingswhich forced Caleb to invent an excuse to claim that he’d stopped to collect the things of Nate.

“You’ve found me,” Caleb told him.

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After Nate was no longer in earshot, Caleb begged Tracy not to “ruin the lives of others” through disclosing the truth about the affair.

Then, Tracy had a heart-to-heart with Nate during which she tried to convince him that it wasn’t right to reunite following the fact that the time he had cheated on him.

“We needed the fantasy,” she explained before Nate heralded his anger and erupts out of the room.

At in the Mill, Caleb admitted to his son that it had been “a nightmare” to have Nate remain in his home. After Nicky advised his dad that it was not possible for him to be “the superhero”, Caleb shushed him so that nobody would hear.

Ruby noticed the end of their conversation, and seemed to suspect something was going on, but Nicky said nothing was wrong. The whole affair will be exposed in shocking dramas which air on the next episode, which will be followed by Ruby getting her the blame at her husband as well as Tracy.

Emmerdale broadcasts weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV1 It also streams online on ITVX.


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