They clash over Theo.

Xander chases down a hurt Dana after rejecting her romantic advances, but his attempts to soften the blow do the opposite. He reveals that he thinks of Dana as a little sister.

Dana is irate by the time she approaches Harper and Irene. She points out that they both told her to go for it and now she has been shot down.

Xander confides in Rose, as he fears he has hurt Dana and ruined their friendship. When he tells his sister about Dana’s crush on him, he’s surprised to realise that she already knew. He complains that a heads-up would have been nice.

Later, Rose takes her brother to task. She argues that Dana deserves his honesty and his kindness, so he should go and be upfront with her.

Meanwhile, Roo and John inform Alf that they still haven’t tracked down the anonymous donor. Alf is annoyed to hear that they’re still obsessing over the search. It soon becomes clear that they’re not going to let it go. Alf is at breaking point, so he confesses that he’s the anonymous donor and he doesn’t want to hear anything more about it.

Elsewhere, Tane walks along the beach and he hears a sound coming from the dunes. When he investigates, he’s stunned to find an abandoned gym bag with a young baby inside it. He rushes into the Surf Club with the infant on his arm. Tane decides to follow the ambulance to the hospital. Even when the baby girl gets a clean bill of health, he won’t leave her side. Is he growing attached to the unclaimed child?


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