Home and Away spoilers follow for UK viewers.

UK-based viewers will see Home and Away’s Rose Delaney take on a new responsibility in her role as Senior Constable.

In scenes airing next week in the UK, Rose will be supervising the community service workers with bush rejuvenation following her promotion in the police.

Rose will be working not just with Justin Morgan, but also Montana, an influencer who’s not exactly thrilled at the idea of getting her hands dirty.

montana and rose delaney in home and away
Channel 5

As Montana complains endlessly, Rose struggles to get her to fall in line and complete her hours.

Taking advice from Cash Newman, Rose changes her approach and reaches out to Montana. The policewoman points out that Montana has got a chance to take responsibility for her actions, urging Montana to jump at the possibility to make her time doing community service mean something.

To Rose’s own surprise, Montana listens to her advice and starts embracing her work.

rose delaney and montana in home and away
Channel 5
montana in home and away
Channel 5

Meanwhile, Rose is also able to gives Justin some good news as he’s completed his community service hours and is free to go.

Speaking about joining Home and Away as Montana, TikTok star Millie Ford said: “I actually play an influencer, which is my real-life job, and everyone was laughing like: ‘This is just classic’.”

Ford also shared what it meant to share the screen with soap veterans and how her co-stars have helped her on set.

“So you kind of just have to be on the ball and make sure that you’re picking up any sort of advice in between takes,” she said. “They also helped me to not feel self-conscious, and I think that’s really important because it just shows up on the camera.”


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