Is he going to pursue Aaron to get revenge?

The struggle between Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) and Aaron (Danny Miller) turned into a major battle on January 25 in the event of a fight breaking out, and Cain was pronounced unconscious.

Aaron is at war with his uncle and almost everyone who has observed him since returning home this year.

Cain got angry

While the exact cause behind Aaron’s absence of smiles over the past few months isn’t known, we can tell that it is due to his struggle to handle the loss of his sister and his general anger over everything the world has dealt him.

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Cain has spoken about this aspect on many occasions with Aaron. Following their previous interaction in which Cain was adamant about telling Aaron to grow up “just because things aren’t fair”, Cain paid Aaron a second time and also made a genuine effort to get in touch with Aaron.

Cain was sceptical of Aaron’s motives after he robbed his car and was arrested by the police. Yet, a firm Aaron told his uncle the man “doesn’t have to answer” and then sent Cain to his destination.

Cain stopped himself from hitting Aaron with a spanner (Picture: ITV)

 Cain had been trying to contact Aaron (Image: ITV).

In the garage that night, Cain snapped and started fighting with Aaron. Following a series of punches and an almost-split attack by Cain, Aaron struck Cain in a way that knocked him to the ground, ending the fight.

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Aaron returns home and leaves Moira (played by Natalie J Robb) worried about Cain’s location. The two of them didn’t realise the fact that Cain was sleeping and was now awake inside the garage.

While Cain can overcome the battle, there’s still more to come because he’ll be recuperating inside the hospital for the next episode.

Is he going to pursue Aaron in retribution?


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