In Emmerdale spoilers for tonight, Wednesday, 24 January, Nate discovers Tracy’s messages sent to Caleb. He becomes concerned.

After admitting his suspicions to Belle about Tracy and Caleb to Belle, Nate finds more evidence confirming these fears.

Will he tell Tracy what he has found, and will they rumble over the matter in Emmerdale spoilers?

Nate shares his concerns with Belle (Credit: ITV)

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Emmerdale spoiler: Nate suspects Tracy and Caleb

Nate confides his concerns about Tracy’s relationship with Bell.

Nate turns to Belle to update her on Tracy’s absence from their scheduled lunch.

Nate, in search of evidence, grabs Tracy’s mobile phone. He begins to look through it.

When he finds deleted messages from Tracy to Caleb, he is shocked. Will Tracy have any excuses to offer?

Aaron and Cain clash again (Credit: ITV)

Aaron is looking for trouble.

Aaron, who has stolen cars himself, offers Samson one of the vehicles he wants.

Cain is furious when he learns that Aaron has sold one car to Samson. Sam tells Samson that he needs to return the car when he finds out.

Aaron loves to anger Cain. How long before Cain will teach him a lesson?

Mandy makes things awkward (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale spoilers – Mandy arranges a double date

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Liam slept with Chas recently. Liam found a lump on Chas’s breast and accompanied her to the hospital.

Chas, who had just been diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer and needed support, turned to Liam.

Liam became a bit jealous last night (Tuesday, 23 January) when he realised that Chas had also told Lydia the truth about her condition.

Things get awkward tonight when Mandy arranges a double date for Paddy and her, Chas, and Liam. Is Liam right for Chas or not?


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