Johnny Carter is set to be a sensational return on EastEnders during the upcoming episodes and actor Charlie Suff now taking on the part in the show, and will definitely return to the party’.

Johnny has returned to Walford as he got news from his Gran of the fact that Linda’s life isn’t going smoothly for Linda Linda. Charlie stated.

There’s plenty of anxiety regarding his mother and his family. They need Johnny to return home in order to guide the ship to get it right. There’s plenty taking place!

Johnny is thrust into the action when Johnny learns that Dean Wicks (Matt Di Angelo) is on the scene He has been snarling the poor Linda Carter ( Kellie Bright) for several months.

“He’s shocked and completely angry”, Charlie revealed of the news. “In his life, at Manchester, he’d put the Dean matter to the side and believed that it was over.

“I’m not sure if he’s anticipating for Linda to not deal with Dean as well as for the issue to be afoot. He’s prepared to take any action to protect his mom, and especially Dean.’

That’s exactly the thing he intends to accomplish when he chases Dean down and kicks Dean, threatening him to keep away from Linda.

“I don’t believe Johnny really understands exactly what he’s doing in that moment in time with Dean. This is one of the very first actions he makes while he’s overwhelmed by anger and fury. The words are spoken by his mouth in front of his mind.

Dean has always been this persona who’s older than Johnny. Johnny was a young kid in his eyes, but Johnny has matured when he’s gone away and he’s able to deal with Dean today.’Johnny is back to help Linda

(Picture: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Johnny is quick to lash out at Dean

(Picture: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Charlie admitted the fact that Johnny has seen a change over the period he’s gone, having been through many issues to face without the security from his loved ones.

“In the past, Johnny was secured by his parents, being the eldest of the siblings before Ollie was born. However, the last few years, he’s been in the world by himself and has grown up somewhat more, and has faced issues which have occurred to Linda while he was away.

“All of these events have helped him grow into the person he would like to become. The more isolated he thinks Linda is and the more convinced he is that the need to stay at Walford in order to guard his mom.’

As for what’s to come to Johnny, Charlie said: “I’d say there’s plenty of people Johnny hasn’t been able to see for quite a while. Some that he’s extremely happy to see while others he’s just not.

“I’m convinced that Johnny is back and coming in a big way, and wants to prove to the residents from Walford that he’s grown up and shouldn’t be played with.’


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