She’s not going to give up on Caleb without the chance to fight!

The mmerdale spoilers of next week reveal that Ruby Miligan is bringing everyone in the Dingle family into turmoil as she divulges the truth about Caleb’s relationship with Tracy.

She does it with stylish fashion as she disrupts Belle at Tom’s and Belle’s wedding celebration in order to announce the wedding news!

Read further to discover all the drama unfolding with Emmerdale spoilers.

Ruby is in the waiting room, watching and is waiting

Tracy is trying to put her affair with Caleb in the past, but when she spots him in a relationship with his her ex-wife Ruby Tracy attempts to appear calm But she’s actually wounded.

While Ruby is at it, Ruby’s desperate to be back in contact to Caleb And she even asks her son Nicky for advice on the best ways to impress his father.

She knows exactly that something is going on, and isn’t the type that would be quiet when she has such juicy information available to her!

Trouble maker

Determined to cause troubles, Ruby starts creating a plan. It’s hard to tell the details of her plans however. She’s not even talking to her loved son Nicky. There’s no way to hinder her from taking revenge!

Belle as well as Tom’s wedding day on Emmerdale spoilers!

When Belle and Tom stroll through the aisle, the Dingle family gathers to toast the occasion.

Ruby’s just not looking forward to a party!

She is to the wedding reception, and intentionally creates a tense mood from the beginning.

Inducing an incident

In search of the perfect moment to happen, Ruby interrupts the wedding festivities. The bride makes a statement and, in contrast to other speeches, her chat doesn’t focus on toasting the groom and bride.

Instead, she informs stunned guests that she is aware of exactly what’s going on.

The woman announces she believes Tracy and Caleb were in a relationship!

Oh dear!

Ruby waits for the perfect moment to make her announcement to the guests! (Credit: ITV)

What will people think of the news? Are the Dingles ever be forgiven Caleb? If not, will Caleb be kicked out forever?


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