Emmerdale had a plethora of surprises Wednesday night, when Angelica King’s departure was discussed when the King’s grandparents Nicola and Jimmy were shocked to hear the news.

Emmerdale might be leaving Angelica King after Nicola and Jimmy got shocking court announcements during Wednesday’s show.

Just recently, the popular ITV soap was filled with sadness during New Year’s Day as teenager Heath passed away after a ride in a vehicle with his twin sisters Cathy along with Angelica King. The teens had longed to attend an event celebrating New Year’s Eve outside the village, however, they couldn’t find a ride and their father Bob Hope refused to pay to take them there.

The group was dissatisfied at the B&B’s celebration they decided to take matters by themselves by stealing Wendy’s vehicle to ride to the party. After the accident, Cathy as well as Angelica claim they were driving and the community is divided on who is the truth particularly Bob who was unable to look at Cathy for the sake of protecting herself from.

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Emmerdale’s Angelica King could be leaving Emmerdale’s Angelica King could be leaving the ITV soap following an incident on Wednesday.

In the month of June it was the day that Heath’s funeral was held And the guilty Angelica eventually decided to reveal the truth. Angelica admitted to her shocked mom, Nicola who was the driver of the vehicle when Heath was killed. She later admitted the truth at the police station and was arrested to be charged with causing the death of someone else by negligent driving.

In the last few days, parents Nicola and Jimmy are preparing for Angelica’s court appearance. Nicola tried to stay optimistic, hoping that the court will conclude that Angelica as an “decent child” that made an “terrible error” and insisting that she’s “hardly dangerous to the community”. This was however, echoed by attorney Ethan Anderson in the cafe which he used to draw attention to the grave issues with Angelica’s current situation.

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Ethan explained that, due to Angelica plead guilty to the death penalty through reckless driving the charge is a very serious crime. Nicola wanted to know if this would be a sign that Angelica could be sentenced to community service, but Ethan stated that Angelica might be facing the possibility of a prison sentence.

Nicola was left devastated over her husband’s reaction, and told Jimmy at the end of the episode and he was just in shock. This week family members are preparing for the hearing of Angelica, and with the announcement of possible custodial sentences could this be the reason Angelica is evicted from the community?


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