Her journey isn’t over due to the fact that she killed Heath Hope

Emmerdale Spoilers Angelica

Emmerdale’s Nicola King has received some terrifying news about her killer daughter Angelica.

The businesswoman, performed by the actress Nicola Wheeler in the ITV soap has fooled her self into believing that Angelica would only receive a warning because she caused the death of Heath Love in a car collision.

1Angelica faces a significant sentence in prison for murdering Heath during EmmerdaleCredit: ITV

However, she received one short shock followed by a dose of truth.

Nicola and Jimmy saw Jimmy and Nicola Bob in the B&B and tried to talk to him, but he knocked the two back.Related Articles

He explained to them that the truth. He was just opening to raise cash to pay them off and not have to deal with them again.

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Then, in the cafe Nicola was worried about her trial and if Angelica could not defend her position in the court.

The court will instead require a pre-sentence report that included every person in her life being spoken to, which Nicola believed that would result in Angelica might not receive a prison sentence.

The girl said: “Let’s face it anyone is able to recognize that she’s a good child who committed a huge error.

“It’s not like she’s an immediate threat to the society or someone will have to rush to detain.”

However, after observing Ethan’s reaction Nicola noticed that Ethan had an entirely different perspective.

She replied: “What? Do you disagree? If you have a different opinion, I need to know.”

Ethan said to his wife: “Look Nicola, you need to speak with your lawyer about this. There might be some other extenuating factors which I’m unaware of.

“Angelica’s admitted to being a murderer in a dangerous car. This is a very serious crime.”

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In the event that Nicola said that community service might be appropriate for her daughter who killed Heath Hope, Ethan asked whether their solicitor had warned their clients about the possibility of the possibility of a prison sentence.

The woman insisted that it was only an idea that was mentioned as a possibility. Ethan clarified her.

“It’s certainly not the worst than a worst-case scenario” the man said.

“Angelica’s admitted to murdering somebody and the judge is left with the option of granting her a prison sentence.”

Then Nicola and Jimmy were unable to resolve their disagreement about Angelica’s possible imprisonment sentence.


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