Tane revealed to Felicity that their marriage had ended when she discovered that she was taking birth control pills. Home and Away fans have been split over the complicated story.

The show’s star, Tane Parata, as well as Felicity Newman’s relationship deteriorating, the fans of Home and Away are now starkly divided.

The couple’s recent years have been challenging for the couple. Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) has canceled their wedding following being injured in a collision with another vehicle during their wedding day.

Felicity was assaulted, drugged, and then targeted by her attacker after they reconciled and got married this past year. She was able to escape the horrifying incident thanks to the help of Tane’s (Ethan Browne) aid. The couple finally settled into a peaceful life.

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Tane went to New Zealand last year to visit his younger cousins. Tane returned to New Zealand after his time together, hoping to get married to Felicity and start an extended family.

Felicity was willing to have an infant with Tane despite not being initially convinced because she knew how vital this was for Tane’s health. It was found out that Felicity had been using birth control pills but wasn’t in any way prepared.

Felicity was persuaded into telling her husband what she had been informed via Mackenzie (Emily Weir) that she had discovered the pills at Salt earlier during the week. Tane found the pills Felicity declared she was no longer longer taking as she emptied her bag during the Friday (January 19) Channel 5 soap opera episode.

Tane turned angry, took his belongings, and left their home, and Felicity tried to convince Tane to forgive her. After these intense moments, viewers don’t know which party they’d rather be on. Tane might have been selfish by wanting to be a parent. However, Flick ought not to have made up lies in the opinion of someone firmly blaming Felicity. Flick does not deserve this.”

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“Flick cannot stop from lying at Tane,” a second individual said. He lied, even when Tane felt that something was not correct. Tane is now blaming others, not herself.” A different person echoed this, saying, “What she did this time is shocking. Another person said, “I know he’s far from perfect, but I agree that it is unforgivable.”However, some have attacked Tane for pressing Felicity to become a mother.

Geez Tane. Selfish. Your wife suffered an accident that almost killed her. She also suffered an assault on her sexuality and blackmail from the perpetrator and then claimed she did not want children, and then asked whether she would be enough for you.” an angry critic expressed their opinion. “All you’ve been doing is squeezing Flick to the limit. Flick until you finally get her to agree. My husband and I agree with Flick. Poor love. She’s seen a lot.”

“Tane should not have gotten married to Flick if he had children. The actress stated from the beginning that she did not want children,” a second pointed at. A third person said: “If a woman says no, she must be respected any time because it’s her own body. If you force it on your body, it will cause you to be resentful of the child you’re carrying and the person who made it happen.”


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