Things are a little complicated in the UK, where the show returns to screens on Friday 29th December on 5STAR.

Home and Away is going to get back to UK, Australian, New Zealand and Irish screens for 2024, yet the show is back on various dates in every country.

Home and Away has some time off every November and December, in the wake of broadcasting separate finales in every side of the equator.
The UK finale saw Justin (James Stewart) and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) with their lives on the line in the wake of being taken by the Vita Nova group, in an extraordinary finale which circulated down under back in September.

In the Australian finale, in the mean time, it was Eden (Stephanie Panazzo) and Remi (Adam Rowland) whose lives were in harm’s way.
Remi was knocked off his motorbike while riding to gather Eden from a grievous setting up camp excursion with her beau Money (Nicholas Cartwright), and the season finished with the two Remi and Eden being packaged into the rear of a vehicle by the two obscure men who caused the mishap.

Presently, the show is going to return, with every one of the four nations making a beeline for Summer Sound promptly after one another.
When does Home and Away re-visitation of Australia?
Things are quite basic in Australia. The primary episode of the 2024 season will air on 7 and 7Plus on Monday eighth January 2024, with the episode broadcasting on live television at 7pm.

We take up where we left out toward the finish of 2023, as Money dispatches a frantic inquiry to track down Eden, while no one understands that Remi is missing as well.

For a first gander at what the future holds, and to see if Remi and Eden endure their trial, look at our top to bottom 2024 Home and Away Spoilers article.

When does Home and Away re-visitation of New Zealand?

New Zealand airs its episodes only days after they debut in Australia, and the last episode of the year circulated on Friday eighth December.
The 2024 Season Return will air multi week after Australia, on Monday fifteenth January 2024 at 6:30pm on TVNZ 2 and TVNZ+.

For a first look at what’s in store, and to find out whether Remi and Eden survive their ordeal, check out our in-depth 2024 Home and Away Spoilers article.

When does Home and Away re-visitation of the UK?

Things are a little muddled in the UK, where the show gets back to screens on Friday 29th December on 5STAR.
Apparently the 6pm episode on 5STAR will be a rehash of the UK Season Finale (Episode 8130), as Justin and Leah wind up caught in an unwanted stockroom, Kirby (Angelina Thomson) plans for her most memorable independent gig, while Irene (Lynne McGranger) is captured for holding onto new person Dana Matheson (Partner Harris).

As Home and Away airs its last episode of the year in Australia, we investigate all that we are familiar the show’s return in 2024.
There are a few new faces coming to Summer Sound, alongside two astonishing new sentiments, vocation changes, returnees and a major wedding. In addition, see whether Remi and Eden make due…
Understand more…

Then, at 6:30pm around the same time (Friday 29th December), the UK Season Return (Episode 8131) airs on 5STAR as a component of the ‘Principal Look’.

On Monday first January, the show gets back to Channel 5 itself, however at the significantly sooner season of 11:25am, again with the Season Return episode (Episode 8131).

The return episode sees Leah – who has gone days without food or water – endeavor to get away from the stockroom and carry Justin to somewhere safe. Will they make due?

The subsequent episode back (Episode 8132) airs at the previous season of 6pm on 5STAR on Monday first January, in the opening which would typically air that day’s Channel 5 episode. There is no episode at 6:30pm.

Things get back to business as usual from Tuesday second January, with Home and Away’s second return episode circulating at 1:45pm on Channel 5.

Regular assistance additionally continues on 5STAR, with the night appearing of Tuesday’s Channel 5 episode at 6pm, trailed by the Principal Take a gander at Wednesday’s episode at 6:30.


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