She recounts Charity’s most recent incident.

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

In the most recent episode, Emmerdale is back to revisit Moira Dingle’s past as a killer.

This week, Moira was in a unique position trying to console Charity Dingle as her long-time adversary struggled to overcome the burden of having shot the gangster Harry.

Moira can sympathize with Charity as she was able to push villain Emma Barton to her death in a thrilling 2017 drama.

The Friday (January 19) episode showed Charity attempting to sway Moira away as she spiralled. However, Moira was unable to let Charity on her own.

Charity eventually explained to Moira that she was always at the mercy of the sound of a gunshot and also by a dream of Harry being killed right in front of her.

“I’m not getting through it, Moira, I’m not doing anything, and I’m unable to speak with Mack about this because I did save his life; however, I would have done it differently because that could have been straight,” she explained.

“That is a normal grievance isn’t it? This, however, is something that’s called torture.”

Moira reminds Charity that she’d only lost a life to save another.

“You took the time you needed to accomplish,” Moira assured her.

The actress also told Charity she knew exactly what was happening to her because she’d taken her own life previously.

“If you didn’t commit the crime in rage, you’re probably not a murderer… It was me who have done it out of anger,” she declared. “I have been a serial killer.”

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Moira later opened up before Charity about her murder. Emma Barton, revealing that Cain later helped save her life in the form of stopping Moira from consuming an excessive dose of drugs.

“I informed [Cain] of the incident that I was sorry, and Adam was the one to take responsibility,” Moira explained. “I murdered Emma Barton, and I intended to do it.”

Moira broke down. Moira began to cry and think about her experience of having “just snapped” when Emma made snarky comments regarding her parenting.

“When she fell, she smirked,” Moira remembered. “She was actually smiling at me, knowing I would suffer. In other words, she was a powerhouse; she did it.”

Moira encouraged Charity to talk to Mack by saying, “He loves you and will want to take the best care of you. Then it’ll be alright. It will!”

Afterwards, when Mack and Charity discussed their experiences for the first time, Mack told her that he wasn’t worried about her behaviour because they saved his life.

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“I’m here due to your presence,” Mack told her.

But, when Charity lay in bed, her mind was awakened by the visions of the dead Harry…

Emmerdale is shown on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1 and streamed through ITVX.


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