Angelica King has to face the consequences.

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale confirmed within the arrest story of Heath Hope’s demise.

This week, Angelica King confessed to her mom, Nicola, the fact that she had been driving the car when Heath died in the New Year’s Day car crash.

Cathy Hope had been taking on the responsibility for her brother’s death as her dad, Bob Hope, accused her of trying to manipulate Angel to falsely assume the blame for Heath’s demise.

In the next episode of this week, Nicola and Jimmy King are trying to figure out what they will do to confront their daughter’s admission of guilt.

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The Hopes have now set their sights on the ongoing police investigation, and a second flare-up is brewing after Bob proposes that Cathy is advised to wait until the forensics analysis.

Jimmy utilizes the conflict in his family to benefit himself, insisting that Cathy remains at fault since she persuaded others to join in joyriding. Jimmy eventually chooses not to divulge the story of Angel’s confession.

The father goes as far as to command his daughter to lie to the police, which leaves Nicola worried about the uncertain direction the family has been taking.

A few days later, Jimmy is overcome with guilt when he sees Bob’s sorrow over the passing of his son. Jimmy later talks to Nicola about his overwhelming emotions of guilt.

Angel listens to her parents talk in the background, and determined to put things straight, she runs into B&B for confession to Liam, Brenda, Cathy and April.

Then, Angel is in the police station to officially admit. Angel is scared as she’s charged with murder for reckless driving.

The episodes will be broadcast on Monday, the 22nd of January.

Emmerdale broadcasts weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV1. It also streams through ITVX.


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