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Twelve huge Emmerdale spoilers to look forward to next week’s Emmerdale

Twelve huge Emmerdale spoilers
Twelve huge Emmerdale spoilers

What’s to come next for the village?

The next week, next week on Emmerdale, Charity hits out at Mackenzie as she faces an evening in terror.

Jai’s family feud is out of control The family feud continues to spiral out of control, and Nicola and Jimmy get another crucial update about Angelica’s her future.

This is a complete list of 12 major moments that are coming in the near future.

1. Charity ruins Harry’s grave


Charity finally opens up to Mack about how she’s struggled ever since the shooting in the Christmas season. Charity agrees to seek assistance.

In the following days, Charity visits Harry’s final burial site and cleans his tombstone and hopes to restore her strength after months of pain. When Charity returns at home, she is positive as she finally gets to sleep.

2. There is a growing concern in the field of Charity


Charity is aware that her journey will not be over as she has nightmares about Harry and is scared by loud sounds.

In the wake of her sleep loss as well as post-traumatic stress disorders begin to take hold once more, she starts seeing dreams of Harry.

Mack remains worried about Charity The the local doctor Liam feels the presence of something amiss.

3. Mack gets injured while Charity is on the offensive.


When Charity’s anxiety grows and she is compelled to seek out an item to shield herself from being home on her own.

Charity experiences a night of anxiety, after Mack comes back to his home. In the end, she injures Mack and believes she’s acting self-defense.

4. Suni’s birthday bash causes tension


Suni invites Jai to a birthday celebration with the promise that Amit isn’t going to be present. It turns out to be a scam and Jai doesn’t like it to find out that Amit arrives, something that was always planned in secret.

The tensions are rising again. Amit attempts to settle the score by transferring copies of the will to children. It is confirmed the fact that Suni along with Jai will be receiving his stake in the HOP upon his passing.

This gesture can go a long way toward calming Jai and he finally accepts for him to resume his work. When Jai gets a strange text message, it’s clear that he isn’t happy with the contents.

5. Rhona and Marlon are given legal advice


Rhona and Marlon meet with Ethan to seek legal counsel on Ivy’s future as a baby. Ethan suggests they tell Gus that they’re preparing to seek the right to parent Ivy.

Ethan is also suggesting that Rhona is required to plead guilty for kidnapping Ivy because this could improve her chances of getting an lenient sentence.

6. Rhona gets a rebuke


Marlon and Paddy find themselves shocked they are shocked to learn that Leo has been exiled from school due to a fracas. They blame Rhona as the reason, suggesting that Leo has been acting out due to the fact that she’s been so busy with Ivy.

April is also vocal in her rant against Rhona of separating from her family and putting her focus on Ivy in the past when she left.

7. Angelica’s fate is set


Youth Justice representative Rachel confirms that she will recommend a sentence of custodial for Angelica.

Nicola and Jimmy grieve about their daughter, and especially when they get the date to be sentencing Angelica.

8. Brenda provides assistance to Angelica However, Angelica has a problem.


Brenda and Nicola are in a conversation about what the New Year’s crash affects both their families. Nicola feels stunned by the news when Brenda suggests an angelica character’s reference in her favor.

The Kings believe that this will aid Angelica when she is at the eleventh hour however, they are disappointed to discover later that Brenda isn’t submitting her case by the due date. There’s no else anyone can do assist Angelica prior to the sentence.

9. Bob is unable to accept the Kings


Bob eventually agrees to allow Jimmy the opportunity to talk about the recent behavior. Even though Jimmy delivers a heartfelt speech, and expresses his regrets, Bob continues to refuse to accept his apology.

A lonely Jimmy shares his thoughts with Will knowing that he’s experienced similar experiences to Dawn.

Brenda is furious with Bob’s behaviour and attempts to show Bob some love. Bob gets his frustrations out onto Cathy however, he quickly regretted losing his temper.

10. Tom continues to treat his wife badly. Belle


Tom and Belle seem to be in love after returning to their honeymoon. If Belle takes control, Tom puts his foot down and appears determined to keep his cool.

Then, Mandy inspires Belle to present Tom a sexually attractive surprise she’s working. Tom is not happy about this and makes Belle in a state of humiliation.

11. Ruby is looking for a new partner


Caleb is asking Caleb if Moira can help him come to terms with his family members following the revelation of his relationship in a relationship with Tracy. Ruby is unhappy she is jealous that Caleb appears to be more than interested in the Dingles rather than her.

Ruby is planning her next step and gets in touch with Kim with an appealing offer to team up in order to bring Caleb pay.

12. Nate decides to take an unintentional break


Nate has exiled Tracy out of the house after finding out about her relationship with Caleb. Tracy is urging Nate to consider what’s most beneficial for Frankie and allow her to return to her home.

Tracy realizes there’ll be an end to her relationship with Nate when he tells her that he’s planning to commence divorce process.


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