Emmerdale spoilers follow. On Thursday’s (January 25) Episode,

Nate Robinson has been left shocked after he confronted Caleb Milligan over his theories of a sexy affair in Emmerdale.

This latest episode included the debut surprise of Caleb’s ex-wife, the actress Ruby Fox Milligan, in a dramatic scene in which Nate tried to uncover Caleb’s engagement to Tracy Robinson.

Nate is aware of the possibility that their wife Tracy was watching his Uncle Caleb at his back and has recently observed several text messages that were deleted between them.

On Thursday’s (January 25) Episode, Nate remained unsettled when Tracy did not answer his query on the extent to which she had kept anything significant from Nate.

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“Can you do it later?” Tracy was jolly as she rushed to the exit for an “overnight” working excursion.

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If Nate was asked whether Caleb would be accompanying the unexpected business trip, Tracy was a bit irritated and informed her husband Caleb had stopped investing in her nursery venture.

“Look, We’re far more than fine. We’re just us.” Tracy tried to assure Nate.

In The Hide, Nate confided to Moira and Belle regarding his suspicions that Tracy was involved in an affair with his Uncle!

“She does not even talk to me. She hardly interacts with me,” Nate explained to the girls.

Moira said Nate might be convinced that he was in the right, but there was no evidence to support it.


After returning to her farm, Moira left Caleb with a text message warning him that he wasn’t “clever enough” to cover up his relationship.

Caleb could not grasp the significance and was getting cozy with Tracy when he was there. The woman confided in Caleb to confirm that he had been on the right track and that there was a problem within her marriage.

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“[This is not just a bit of entertainment.”[This] is not just a bit of fun. More than that,” Tracy confessed to him. “I think I’m falling your love, and it makes me shiver.”

The next night, Nicky and Moira tried to persuade Nate to rush into the mill, hoping to capture Tracy and Caleb in a tangle.

When he sprinted into the room, Nate screamed: “Get out of here now.”


Ruby, along with Caleb in Emmerdale

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The trio was surprised to find the fact that Caleb had been kissing his former wife, Ruby, but not Tracy.

“Well, I was not anticipating an audience.” Ruby quipped.

The result was an uncomfortable meeting between Ruby and her sister-in-law Moira as Nate went through the motions. Nicky was able to cover Nate’s plight and said they’d visit to retrieve the wallet he’d lost.

While everyone was going their routes, Moira cautioned Caleb that the boy was in trouble trying to balance Ruby with Tracy.

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