Moira was absolutely horrified!

Caleb Milligan’s (William Ash) wife Ruby (Beth Cordingly) hasn’t been to the Emmerdale village long, and she’s already caused quite some controversy.

This past week, Ruby grew annoyed when she found out that daughter Nicky (Lewis Cope) and her partner Suni (Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana) had been involved in a hateful attack against homophobics which she had no knowledge of the incident.

This led Ruby to arrange a lunch together with the Caleb (William Ash) Dingle family so she could have a chance to meet their family. Caleb was irritated by this and informed Ruby that they were getting divorced and that she was interfering way in too much. But she wasn’t bothered.

Ruby hosted Nate (Jurell Carter), Tracy (Amy Walsh), Moira (Natalie J Robb) and Cain (Jeff Hordley) to lunch, and the moment they got through the doors it was apparent that the tension began to escalate.

Moira was horrified!

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Ruby Fox-Miligan drops
Ruby Fox-Miligan drops

Ruby isn’t particularly good at thinking before she speaks (Picture: ITV)

Apart from the fact that they do not understand Ruby quite well, Tracy was tasked with concealing her feelings towards Caleb and Moira, while Moira was pretending to have no idea that his wife, Nate, has been having a sexy relationship with his uncle.

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While Ruby took in more of her wine as she drank, her apathy about the feelings of others began to get worse. Following the incident, Moira mistakenly believed that their meal came from a restaurant and was subsequently resentful, Ruby who’d spent long hours cooking the food focused her attention on Tracy Nate and Tracy. Nate.

An enquiring Ruby inquired of Tracy what Nate’s “affair” caused her to have trust issues. The question was about the moment when Emmerdale entered a parallel world and Moira and Nate began an affair before they realized that Cain was his son.

The lunch was already unbearably painful, Ruby then twisted the knife after asking Moira which was the better in sex: Cain or his son.

Oh dear.

The afternoon concluded when the entire family walked out and Caleb angry at Ruby.

In the night, Caleb bumped into Tracy with a couple of witty comments to share about his relationship.

Caleb stated that Tracy wasn’t in fact entitled to any right to speak about his marriage as if she had been truthful about herself, she’d realize the marriage is also gone as she does not have any affection for Nate now.


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