Charity attempts to hold it all together

Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) had to face another setback in getting through the aftermath of a murder in Emmerdale.

At Christmas time, Charity was responsible for the murder of Chloe’s (Jessie Elland) father. This happened during a time which was witnessed by Charity help Mackenzie (Lawrence Robb) and yet, despite the miraculous situation, taking a person’s life is not something Charity is able to think about.

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This week, Charity’s feelings was tested yet again due to her son Moses. After his mom was annoyed by him beating his drum to loudly and causing her to be upset, Moses ran outside, and then was missing for several hours.

The good news is that he was discovered in the hands of Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) aboard the pirate ship However, following the incident, Moira was prompted to make contact with Charity.

Charity is trying to hold it togetherRelated ArticlesCharity has slowly started to fall apart

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Moira Reminds Charity of the fact that she was required assistance,but Charity thought panicking about the possibility of her child disappearing was not a sign that she wasn’t managing.

Tonight’s (February 2.) show on the ITV soap Charity had been looking forward catching a film alongside Moses however, her plans were changed after Mack (Lawrence Robb) told her he was required to get to work.

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Unwilling to stay in the house by herself, Charity took Moses and Noah (Jack Downham) to The Hide instead.

As she walked outside, while Charity was sorting out her food, she watched Noah have fun with Moses.

While Moses began to pretend to shoot guns with fingers towards Noah the face of Charity changed.

When Noah claimed that Moses was the one who shot him in the chest He slid to the ground and left Charity in a state of shock by the terrible memories of her distant past.

With Charity unwilling to seek assistance, when does it begin to get better for her?


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