Emmerdale viewers were left confused at the end of Thursday night’s episode about an Cathy Hope twist following the New Year’s Day tragedy that took place after teenage Heath Hope died on the ITV soap.

Emmerdale viewers were astonished at the end of Thursday’s episode when they remarked on the “ridiculous” Cathy Hope twist.

Just recently, the popular ITV soap had a lot of sorrow in the week of New Year’s Day as teenager Heath was killed while riding in a vehicle with his twin sisters Cathy as well as Angelica King. They had wanted to make it to an event celebrating New Year’s Eve in the town, however, they couldn’t find a ride and their father Bob Hope refused to pay to take them there.

The three were dissatisfied at the B&B’s celebration they decided to take matters by themselves by stealing Wendy’s vehicle to enjoy a ride to the event. Following the crash, Cathy as well as Angelica have claimed that another driver was with them. The people of the village divided on which one to believe. This is especially true for Bob who did not want to meet Cathy for the sake of protecting herself from.

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Emmerdale fans were confused on Thursday evening when they made a point of the “ridiculous” Cathy Hope twist

ITV Emmerdale fans totally baffled as they point
ITV Emmerdale fans totally baffled as they point

The month before was the day of the funeral for Heath And a guilt-ridden Angelica was finally able to speak the truth. Angelica admitted to her shocked mom, Nicola and Nicola, she admitted that she had been driving the vehicle when Heath passed away, and then admitted it to the police and was charged to be charged with causing the death of someone else by negligent driving.

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In the last few days, parents Nicola and Jimmy have been working on Angelica’s court date. In the evening of Thursday, Nicola and Jimmy learnt that charges pertaining to Cathy were dismissed as they walked into the courtroom. The same can’t be said about Angelica since her charges weren’t dropped and once she pleads guilty, she could face a prison sentence and could be kept for some years.

In a Twitter post and now X the public was in awe of how Cathy’s case was dismissed since she was the person who stole the vehicle initially and ultimately led to Heath’s murder. A user wrote: “Cathy nicked the car however she drove it and she’s not really innocent are she” A different account wrote: “Cathy facing no punishment is out of proportion #emmerdale” A third user posted: “Ridiculous and so unrealistic dropping the charges against Cathy”Emmerdale” and another wrote: “That’s terrible Cathy should receive the same sentence #Emmerdale.”

Another person commented: “#emmerdale How can they dismiss charges against Cathy and her stolen vehicle” Another account said: “So Cathy doesn’t even be punished for taking the car. #Emmerdale” A different user commented: “None of them would have gotten into the vehicle in the first place without Cathy! #emmerdale” and a second user wrote: “Absolutely ridiculous that Cathy was able to escape without charges. She was responsible for the entire theft of the vehicle. The keys were stolen, she drove the car then let someone else take the wheel. The culprit is more than angel #emmerdale.”


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