“Act is irrational and immature.”

One villager from the Dales has been able to sway viewers to their end, as his behavior has been called ‘adolescent and irresponsible.’

A lot of Emmerdale viewers have taken to Reddit to voice their grievances and soap’s bosses are in a rage at being in the spotlight.

5Jai along with Suni Sharma found out they were siblings in 2023

Viewers are becoming bored of Jai’s behavior. Credit: ITV

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Jai has been extremely angry at AmitCredit: ITV

The situation is getting way out of hand on The Hide between Jai Sharma and Gabby Thomas on ITV.

In the wake of discovering that his father Amit Sharma was there in the moment that loved Rishi Sharma passed away the man who plays a businessman in Chris Bisson has shown the young actor no mercy, since he’s convinced that it was possible that he had some involvement in the death of his adoption father’s demise.

Even though Amit says he’s got nothing to conceal, Jai refuses to be anywhere near him. This is causing him to be discordant with The Hide’s Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham).

While his hurt and sorrow can be easily acknowledged, many fans of Yorkshire’s show have gone to Reddit to blast him on the spot as they’ve grown bored of the constant conflict.

The viewers began the debate with a bold assertion: “Jai is doing my head into!”

“He has such furious whiny kid. A image of the child who is cutting your nose off to get your face off” Then they included.

“He was treated Rishi horribly and is now committing similar to his behavior, but it’s more justifiable, however, still!”

Numerous others Reddit users also joined to support the idea, and one comment: “Totally agree!! The guy is an idiot.”

“Thanks for this! Jai was a screaming, snotty nosed five-year-old!”, another brutally echoing.

A fan of the long-running show decided to put the blame at the actor Chris Bisson who has been acting as Jai Sharma since 2009.

“I’ve been a hater of the person for years. He doesn’t have any friends due to an reason. The actor is a nightmare, partly due to the fact that the actor isn’t talented” a soap fan has written.

However, despite the angry criticisms and the fanatics pointing blame at the actor who was formerly Shameless as well as Coronation Street actor, some viewers were dissatisfied with the soap directors.

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“I must blame the producers and it seems like the actor was doing what he’s provided, and that’s been “acting really stupid and uninformed and then give people extremely angry faces'”, one viewer replied.

Another person commented: “Again the writing am not happy that they have taken the factory of sweets from him and remained in dull stories.”

In the past, Jai Sharma has been certain of the fact that Amit (Anil Goutam) is the one to blame for the demise of his adopted father Rishi.

Off-screen, though, several theories were circulated on the internet about the death of Amit before Amit’s arrival at the village named after him, with certain viewers thinking that serial murderer Meena Jutla might be the culprit.

And do you think Jai ever be able to believe Amit?

Is his pain ever acknowledged?

Emmerdale shows on weeknights starting at 7.30pm at 7.30pm on ITV.

Rishi was discovered dead near the foot of his stairs.

It was later revealed that Amit was there when the death of his brother.


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