Concerns have been raised for Marlon’s marriage with Rhona – could Gus lead to their separation?

GIREF-STRICKEN Gus Malcolms has moved in with his ex-wife Rhona Goskirk as he struggles to deal with fatherhood.

But in upcoming Emmerdale scenes, ahead of Christmas, the arrangement gets on Marlon Dingle’s nerves.

Gus spends Christmas with Marlon and Rhona
Gus spends Christmas with Marlon and RhonaCredit: ITV
But Marlon is having a hard time with the arrangement
But Marlon is having a hard time with the arrangementCredit: ITV
And he loses his cool
And he loses his coolCredit: ITV

Gus Malcolms (portrayed by Alan McKenna) overstepped earlier this year by using his ex-wife Rhona’s frozen embryos.

And while his attempt at having a baby was successful as he welcomed a baby named Ivy, it also led to the death of his wife Lucy in recent scenes aired on ITV.

Meanwhile, Rhona has struggled with her unexpected connection with Ivy, whom she considers her own child despite circumstances.

In another recent trip to the Yorkshire Dales, Rhona admitted that she was beginning to feel a pull towards the new-born and she was even thought to be trying to steal Ivy away from her father.

After spotting Gus finding it hard to cope with being a widower and single father, Rhona’s mother Mary Goskirk (Louise Jameson) decided to have him move in with Ivy into Smithy Cottage.

Unfortunately, Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) is unable to face Gus and Ivy without it causing trouble within his own marriage with Rhona.

Coming up, a picture perfect Christmas morning is spoiled when Marlon reaches breaking point with Gus and then storms off.

Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) reminds him that Gus is grieving and he’s convinced to try and save Christmas.

Later, Gus is taken aback by the incredible dinner Marlon has whipped up.

Raising an emotional toast to loved ones, Christmas is back on track.

But things come to a head once again when Gus is absent and Rhona and Marlon are looking after Ivy.

In later scenes, Rhona confirms Marlon’s fears, admitting that she has become attached to Ivy as her own baby.

However, she pleads with him to help make this work within their family.

But what will Marlon decide and could it lead to some irreconcilable differences between the pair?

Fans of the Yorkshire-based soap have been fearing the worst for Marlon and Rhona as the village vet is clearly unable to dismiss her connection to baby Ivy.

Marlon has tried to understand but with Gus around, things could get more complicated for him to handle, particularly as his health has been left in jeopardy last year due to a shock stroke.

Could the stress be too overwhelming for Marlon?


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