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EastEnders Legend Ross Kemp visits Old Portsmouth the pub The Bridge Tavern for new BBC show


EastEnders famous TV actor Ross Kemp headed down the pub in an upcoming BBC show this week.

The former EastEnders actor, Ross Kemp, took a excursion to the pub this week. The staff and patrons of The Bridge Tavern in East Street, Camber Dock was delighted to see the documentary creator as well as actor who was famous for his part as Grant Mitchell in in the BBC soap when he visited to eat lunch and take part in the filming of the series.

Bridge Tavern owner and landlord Dave Reed said he was “pleased to meet the owner and landlord Dave Reed” the following Wednesday (January 31) but was unaware of who was scheduled to visit prior to filming. Kemp returned to the bar the next morning (February 1) for a few more shots. Dave said that Kemp had left for Southampton in the later part of that day.

The year before, in an outing at The Mary Rose Museum for the debut of a brand new attraction in 4D as well as to announce Ross Kemp: Deep Sea Treasure Hunter, Kemp told The News, a sister publication of NationalWorld, The News on his family’s connections to Portsmouth.

Ross Kemp said: “My great-grandfather was a resident of the city, I believe during Victorian time – and ran the barge company which supplied sand for all work that was taking place during that moment. The company was sold, and later purchased a pub named”the Ship and Castle, which continues to operate in the vicinity of the ferry port. My family doesn’t have any ownership in it, but one of his grandchildren was my great grandfather.

“He was a sea-going man when as a young man and was at sea until his 70s and joined the Merchant Navy. Three times he was shipwrecked We believe that he was a third time, as well as in the middle of it all, he met my grandmother. Many members from the Buck family was here.”


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