Dean Wicks has been offered money by Cindy Beale to leave Walford on EastEnders.

In a pub, Dean shocked Linda Carter and her family when he publicly declared his love to Gina Knight.

Gina was criticized by her family in Tuesday’s episode (January 23), especially because she made it appear that she trusted Dean more than Linda, despite Dean’s evil past.

dean wicks in eastendersBBC

Gina’s reaction was defensive. She warned her family she wouldn’t let them take control of her. She also scolded Dean for failing to respect her wishes that their relationship remain private.

Cindy Beale was determined to stop Dean from getting Gina to give him a second chance.

Dean and Gina went out for the first time as a married couple. Amy Mitchell sat nearby, giving Gina a few things to think about.

Amy pointed out Dean had also attempted to rape Roxy Mitchell, the late mother of the teenager. Gina tried to defend Dean by pointing out Roxy’s attempt to poison Dean.

gina knight in eastendersBBC

Amy said to Gina, “Don’t believe my mother is a pushover.” She was just like you — fearless, strong. “That didn’t deter him, though did it?”

Amy warned Gina, “[Dean] destroys the lives of people.” He is a rapist.”

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Cindy then approached Dean, her Beale’s Eels partner to try and scare Gina away by giving him PS60k if he would walk away once more from Walford.

Gina said, “I’ll give you sixty grand if I leave Beale Eels and Walford, but most importantly Gina… Tonight.”

Does Dean leave Gina because of money?


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