The former couple clash.

Home and Away spoilers follow for UK viewers.

Home and Away‘s Kirby Aramoana becomes concerned over her Lyrik bandmate Theo Poulos next week after finding him under the influence of drugs.

The former couple fall out when Kirby realises that Summer Bay newcomer Valerie Beaumont could be a bad influence on Theo.

In upcoming scenes on Channel 5, Valerie tells Theo that she uses party drugs as a distraction from her grief and guilt over her late brother.

Valerie offers Theo a pill so that he can experience it for himself. She encourages him to stay in his bedroom at home to make sure that Leah Patterson and Justin Morgan don’t find out what’s going on.

During their time alone, Theo and Valerie give into temptation and sleep together.

Meanwhile, Kirby becomes worried that Theo is getting distracted from his Lyrik commitments – especially now that Valerie is on the scene.

As the other band members have their own issues to focus on, Kirby takes the lead with confronting Theo.

When Kirby asks to talk, Theo is still behaving strangely because of the drugs. Kirby is initially confused over his odd mood, but quickly realises that he’s high and that Valerie must have supplied him with the pill.

Refusing to listen to Kirby’s judgement, Theo cuts her off and walks away.

Later in the week, Theo boldly asks Valerie when she can source some more pills.

Valerie becomes stern with Theo, pointing out that this isn’t a game and he needs to tread carefully.

Theo promises that he can handle it and even offers to use his money from a recent Salt gig to pay for the drugs. Is this the start of a bad habit?


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