She faces the consequences for hiding Dana.

Home and Away spoilers follow for UK viewers.

The dramatic aftermath of Irene Roberts’ arrest will play out in Home and Away in 2024.

Irene is in hot water over her decision to hide fugitive Dana Matheson in her home while she was hiding out from the police.

Dana has been framed in a drug investigation, and her risky choice to flee from the law resulted in both her sister Harper Matheson, and Irene, being arrested.

In scenes that have now aired in Australia and will soon premiere in the UK, Irene is furious that Rose Delaney made a huge spectacle of arresting her at the Diner instead of doing it in a more private way.

irene roberts in home and awayChannel 5

harper matheson in home and away

With Harper also apprehended, Dana tries to plead with Rose that the recent actions taken by police are wrong because she wasn’t guilty of the drug crime in the first place.

Meanwhile, John Palmer is desperate to find local copper Cash Newman in a bid to clear up the whole situation.

At the police station, Irene stands up for herself as she faces some intense questioning over why she agreed to help Dana. Dana continues to struggle with the situation, as she questions why Rose is targeting her since she may know the truth.

An irate John eventually takes out his frustrations on the Matheson sisters in the police waiting room because he blames them for getting Irene caught up in their mess.

rose delaney and irene roberts in home and awayChannel 5

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Dana is expecting the worst when she finally comes face-to-face with Irene, only to be greeted with support and kindness from her instead.

Irene assures Dana that she has absolutely no regrets since she took on the decision to help her with a full understanding of the facts.

Unfortunately, Irene and Harper face yet more bad news when Rose announces they’ll have to spend the night at the police station because they can’t see the magistrate until the following day.

John thinks there may be a breakthrough once Cash finally turns up at the police station, yet his hopes are dashed as he explains he can’t be of any help now that he’s been suspended.

irene roberts in home and awayChannel 5

rose delaney and irene roberts in home and awayChannel 5

Cash is in the midst of a struggle over his line of work, leading him to question whether he even wants to be a cop anymore if the entire system is rigged against the innocent.

Will Dana be able to clear her name and the names of her loved ones?

rose delaney and irene roberts in home and awayChannel 5

Home and Away returns in January 2024 on Channel 5 in the UK. Selected classic episodes are available via Prime Video in the UK.


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