Home and Away spoilers follow for UK viewers.

Home and Away‘s Kirby is going to make a drastic decision over Lyrik in upcoming scenes for UK audiences.

Kirby quit band Lyrik earlier this year to embark on a solo career, but has only really succeeded in making former bandmates Remi Carter and Eden Fowler feel bitter about her departure.

Eventually she changed her mind and a[decided to get back with her band, but as we’ll see in the upcoming scenes, Eden points out that it may not be so easy if she can’t get out of her current solo recording contract with manager Forrest.

kirby aramoana in home and awayChannel 5

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Soon enough, Kirby hears that the label isn’t budging on the contract.

Remi in particular takes the news really badly, and Cash had to stop a fight between him and Eden, with Bree incredibly worried about his behaviour after the news of the altercation reaches her in the hospital.

Kirby turns up for a rehearsal with Theo and Eden, but with no Remi in sight. They try and come up with some ideas about the contract situation, and she lands on a risky plan.

If they all post on social media that Kirby has rejoined Lyrik, the level of public support will force Forrest to play by their rules, but it’s clear that they are playing with fire since they are essentially breaking their contract.

Kirby is determined to go ahead with her plan regardless, but will it pay off?


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