Yolande Trueman’s (Angela Wynter) is having quite the Christmas in EastEnders, and now she’s about to get dragged in to another messy situation, this time involving Pastor Clayton and a curry.

First the matriarch poured her heart and soul into the Christmas choir – which meant a head-to-head with Elaine Peacock (Harriet Thorpe).

It all kicked off after Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy) suggested Albert Square could do with a community choir. Naturally, both Yolande and Elaine wanted to run it.

Yolande was left less than impressed when landlady Elaine tried to bribe people into signing up – by offering booze.

Now Yolande and soul mate Patrick Trueman (Rudolph Walker) – who warmed all our hearts when they reunited back in the summer – are set to check on the teens’ New Year’s Eve Party.

They’ve stolen a crate of booze from the Minute Mart – but are devastated to find out it’s alcohol free.

Yolande agrees to keep their secret in exchange for them delivering church leaflets.

But when it’s suggested that there might be more to Yolande’s love of the church than just her faith – namely Pastor Clayton – Denzel Danes (Jaden Ladega) is horrified.

Fearing there’s something going on between Yolande and Pastor Clayton, Denzel reluctantly agrees to help out at the soup kitchen.

How will Pastor Clayton and Yolande react?

What trouble has Denzel landed himself in this time?


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