Coming up on Home and Away, it’s touch and go as to whether critically ill Justin will make it.

Elsewhere, there are big shocks in store Mackenzie and Alf as they return to the Bay, and Zara bids a emotional farewell to Mali.

Here’s a full collection of 12 massive moments.

1. Mackenzie gets a surprise

mackenzie booth in home and awayChannel 5

Mali and Rose are soaking up every moment of living together, but Mackenzie gets a shock when she returns home to find Zara in her kitchen.

She vents at the couple for giving her no pre-warning and makes it clear to Mali that Zara is not her problem.

Mali tells Rose that he’s going to have to go back home to Zara, which leaves things between them on a sour note.

2. Zara leaves the Bay

matilda brown as zara campbell in home and away

Mali tries to stand firm with Zara and tells her it’s time she returned home.

She’s reluctant to leave, but Mali explains she’s just complicating his life because she can’t face the reality of her own.

Finally the penny drops, and Zara bids farewell to Mali and the Bay, as Rose makes her boyfriend swear there are no more promised wives waiting in the wings.

3. Harper avoids Irene

harper matheson in home and awayChannel 5

With a potential prison sentence looming over her, Irene tries to distract herself by organising a presentation for Alf at the Surf Club.

John is concerned that Irene hasn’t spoken to her lawyer, and fears she’s just burying her head in the sand.

Harper is also terrified for her future and admits to Cash and Eden that her lawyer has advised her to stay away from Irene due to her previous criminal record.

4. Irene faces her fears

irene roberts in home and awayEndemol Shine//Channel 5

Choosing to go against advice, Harper seeks out Irene and explains why she has been avoiding her.

Meanwhile, John continues to hound Irene into contacting her brief, much to her annoyance. However, in private it’s clear she’s petrified of what may lay ahead.

But when Harper and Dana catch her looking up her criminal charges, Irene finally reaches breaking point and accepts John’s support.

5. Roo faces Alf’s wrath

alf and roo stewart in home and awayEndemol Shine//Channel 5

Alf returns from the city and realises Roo has been lying to him when Dana lets slip about being her private nurse.

The Bay stalwart demands an explanation and Marilyn selflessly covers for Roo by declaring it was her idea to move out.

Roo refuses to let Maz take the blame and admits the truth about their fallout. However, she’s pleasantly surprised when her dad admits his only concern was her safety.

6. Mac rumbles Felicity’s baby lie

felicity newman and mackenzie booth in home and awayChannel 5

Mackenzie is over the moon when Tane reveals he and Felicity are trying for a baby, unaware that his wife is doing all she can not to get pregnant.

Felicity continues to dodge the subject at work, but is forced to come clean when Mac discovers her contraceptive pills.

Mac makes it very clear she doesn’t condone Flick’s lies, so her friend decides it’s time she spoke to Tane.

7. Felicity ties herself in knots

felicity newman and tane parata in home and awayChannel 5

Felicity prepares to tell Tane the truth about still being on the pill, but bottles out when he expresses his excitement for a baby.

She digs herself even deeper by pretending she was annoyed with Tane for telling Mac about their plans to start a family.

Tane apologises for his actions, but this only increases his wife’s guilt. How long can she carry on deceiving him?

8. Justin’s loved ones receive grave news

justin morgan in home and awayChannel 5

Over at the hospital, Bree has an update on Justin’s condition, and it’s sadly not good.

The doctor reveals Justin has suffered a dip in cardiac function, meaning he could have sustained damage to his heart.

As Leah is forced to leave Justin’s side to answer the police’s questions about Vita Nova it’s clear she’s been deeply scarred by the ordeal.

But when Bree reveals it may be time to say her goodbyes to Justin, Leah refuses to give up on him.

9. Justin teeters on the brink of death

justin morgan and leah patterson in home and away

Theo soon joins Leah at the hospital and is informed of Justin’s bleak prognosis.

His condition takes a sudden turn for the worse, just as Alf arrives to comfort a distraught Leah.

Bree rushes in and makes a last-ditch attempt to save his life.

10. Justin finds the will to live

justin morgan and leah patterson in home and awayChannel 5

Meanwhile, Justin is transported to a church filled with mourners as he realises he’s witnessing his own funeral take place.

He notices his headstone engraved with the words, ‘Justin Morgan, he gave up ‘, and tries to call out to his loved ones, but they can’t hear him.

Hearing Leah branding him a coward mid-eulogy suddenly fills Justin with the strength to survive and he awakes, to find his family and friends gathered around his bed.

11. Leah is left heartbroken

leah patterson in home and awayChannel 5

As Justin’s family celebrate his miraculous recovery, Theo breaks the news of Justin and Leah’s engagement.

Everyone is delighted, but Leah can’t help but notice Justin’s unenthusiastic reaction.

Once alone, Leah is crushed when Justin says she only proposed because she thought he was dying and he doesn’t want her to feel she has to go through with the wedding.

12. Kirby is set free

kirby aramoana in home and awayChannel 5

Remi hatches a plan to help Kirby get out of her contract with Forrest and suggests Lyrik host a fake gig to drum up fan support.

Kirby tries to force Forrest’s hand, but he threatens to sue her, and Lyrik for defamation.

Remi comes up with an alternative proposal that releases Kirby from her contract but gives Forrest full control of her solo music.

At last Forrest agrees, and finally Kirby is able to cut ties with the label.

Home and Away airs weekdays at 1.45pm on Channel 5 and 6pm on 5STAR. First-look screenings air at 6.30pm on 5STAR and the show also streams on My5.

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