She’s surprised by Mali’s revelation.

Home and Away‘s Felicity Newman gets drawn into Tane Parata’s baby storyline in Monday’s first-look episode (April 22).

Felicity is intrigued when she learns that her estranged husband is being blocked from becoming an emergency foster carer for Maia, the baby girl he found abandoned on the beach.

Show bosses have released a first-look clip from the episode, which can be viewed in full at the top of the page.

The footage shows Felicity quiz Tane’s friend and housemate Mali Hudson over the ongoing situation involving the baby.

felicity newman and mali hudson in home and awayChannel 5

Maia’s parents have not come forward since she was found on the beach, despite public appeals from the police for information.

As an emergency carer is needed to take on responsibility for Maia, Tane has volunteered himself. He already feels a close bond with Maia, having stayed loyally by her side at the hospital in recent days.

When Felicity speaks to Mali, he breaks the news that Tane has now been rejected as he wasn’t born in Australia and isn’t registered as a permanent resident.

Felicity asks: “That’s what’s stopping him? That’s ridiculous. He’s a good, kind person. His heart’s all that matters, not his nationality.”

tane parata and baby maia in home and away

Mali replies: “No arguments from me. But I just don’t see any way around this.”

Felicity’s discovery leads to her doing her own research into how to register to become a foster carer.

She hopes to somehow make this work for Tane, still feeling guilty over how their marriage broke down because she didn’t want children. But is she really doing this for the right reasons?

Home and Away airs these scenes on Monday (April 22) at 6.30pm on 5STAR. The episode also airs on Tuesday (April 23) at 1.45pm on Channel 5.


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